Flavored eLiquid Ban 🚫Darker & Deeper Truth..

All of these illnesses come from vaping cannabis products, most significantly from vaping liquids which contain THC and vitamin E acetate which neither are present in your normal nicotine e-liquid.

Flavored eLiquid Ban

In places where marijuana has not been legalised people require marijuana concentrates on the black market illegally or in unauthorized shops. There are also fake products from China. People don’t know the differences between fake and authentic products.

What about 1300 plus deaths that occur every single day from smoking cigarettes?

Don’t you deny the fact that the shares of traditional smoking went down after a huge use of vaping? Well, banning flavored e-liquids can be profitable for Big Tobacco companies cuz tobacco is a massive money industry for government, for companies offering smoking cessation and of course for pharma companies.

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Tammy R Gifford

I smoked for 40 years I have been cigarette free for a year now . Vaping helped me achieve that .

Nathan Nesen

I agree it’s all about the money the big companies are loosing and there for the government as well. They proved all they do care about is money and not the actual health of citizens. I’ve been a smoker for over 20 years. I quite well over a year ago and have been vaping since. Have not bought a single pack. I feel 10 times better and my house is cleaner and doesn’t stink. Not to mention I been saving a fortune. But that must not matter.


I have been a smoker for 29 years. Even before vaping came about I wondered why cigarettes were still allowed to be sold. Personally I think it goes much deeper than taxes big tobacco/pharma. Yes they make billions on cigarettes every year and losing that is something they are going to fight, but I have believed for most of my life that it is also left in place as a passive form of population control. They ban things in the name of health but leave the worst on the market. No better way to thin the herd than something they willingly do to themselves. In my mind this ban is more than taking away a means of getting off of cigarettes, but a step towards government sanctioned, endorsed, and enforced assisted suicide. They scream that children who vape are 4 times more likely to smoke which is their concern yet they do nothing to take cigarettes off the market. They say “we don’t know the effects of vaping” and claim that the studies done were not done correctly and thusly wrong. Vaping has been around for over a decade. Why don’t they know? Why hasn’t the “proper testing” been done? The only reason for it especially now is because they intend to do everything they can to crush vaping and have from the get go. They just needed the right catalyst to get the general masses to be behind them. These bans don’t effect the profiles pod systems. I live in Oregon and profiled pods like those for the juul are not effected by the ban. Only those that you use to to fill your own device. No flavors flavors bad… but they don’t even understand enough to know that even the tobacco and menthol is flavoring pg,vg, and nicotine don’t naturally taste like either of those things.


I agree that they shouldn’t ban vape. I was a smoker for 30 years and I’m pretty sure I had the start of copd because I could not breathe and was always getting bronchitis with a nasty smokers cough. I have been vaping for 4 or 5 years now and never once have gotten sick from vaping. I do not vape THC because THC gives me panic attacks.
I agree it’s probably from pre filled pods and definitely the MCT oil (which contains the vitamin e) some people are making THC pens with.
If anything I can breath now because of vaping!

Daniel dzurisin

I would like to ask, if the government bans flavored e cigs ,are they gonna also ban flavored cigars and other flavored tobacco and liquor?, makes no sense to me, lets put a ban on a less harmful solution, but its ok to go get a chocolate flavored cigar and some birthday cake flavored vodka??


This is all about the money!!!! I’m from New York and cigarettes are 16 bucks a pack. Most all of it is all taxes. They lose a lot of money when people vape instead of buying cigarettes. That’s why they won’t ban cigarettes.
I am 49 years old and smoked 30 years. I finally quit smoking 2 months ago began Vaping and never felt better. I tried everything and Vaping is the only thing that made me do it. I love it. I am an adult and they are taking away my rights.
So sick over this.

Max Werner

Yeah it’s ridiculous that they would even consider banning any vaping products because of these claims when compared to cigarettes… people are getting sick from using THC and bad Pods that contain harmful ingredients, NOT clean reputable ejuice from legitimate companies/ websites. People have been chucking enormous clouds for 10 years + of clean juice and no issues. It’s nothing but a ploy because Big Tobaccos pockets are hurting. I feel like this entire thing has been fabricated. Vaping got me off smoking and has vastly improved my quality of life. I started vaping to quit smoking when my newborn was on the way because I didnt want to smoke near him and smell of cigs and it’s worked so well for me I’m so grateful to have my vape mod. More people need to sign the petition as well and speak up!

Danita Hinson

This is crazy! I Can Not believe the goverment will leave cigarettes on the market to be bought and wants to ban flavor e-liquid for vaping. It’s a known proven fact that for years cigarettes have killed people but you can still buy them! I’ve never heard of them wanting to do a cigarette ban. On any brand/flavor and there are many brands/flavors out there to be bought. Vaping was brought to life to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Me and my husband both vape. We smoked for YEARS. Vaping has been a huge success for us both. We feel so much better. We can breathe so much better! We are saving money! 🤗😤💨

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