Your Complete Guide to Different Types of Vaping Devices
In the world of vaping there are several different factors to be aware of. We are taking you on a tour, providing knowledgeable information that will be extremely educational for your vaping journey.
    Over the course of many years vaping has become tremendously popular, a wide range of quality devices conveniently available in a variety of methods. Some users like to be in control of their vaping performance and others choose to have it pre-set and ready to use, always having an option available that’s satisfying and precisely what users are looking for.
    A wide selection of vaping products is available whether you desire vape pens, vape mods, pod devices or a starter kit, we got you covered. Have the best vape experience with an understanding.

    What are Vape Devices?

    Vape device is a modern technology battery operated device also known as e-cigarettes that vaporizes the liquid which typically contains nicotine or salt nicotine instead of burning tobacco.
    vape devices drugIt comes in many pieces put together. Most have a power source better known as battery or regulated mod, it’s a pod system to store the liquid solution, a coil to vaporize the liquid and a mouthpiece. Each vaping device has a different style and many of them have a switch to activate the heating element along with other features. It is important to know what type of vape device to use because each offers a very different vaping experience.
    Our guide below will help you make an informed choice about the type of kit that's right for you, to have a beneficial and satisfying vaping experience.

    Types of Vaping Devices


    It is the original, and it is designed to look like a cigarette. Also referred to as a Vape Stick. It’s an electronic device battery operated that contains tobacco and vaporizes the e-liquid used upon inhale and exhale. Whether you are new to smoking or not, E-cigarettes are a good place to start. Find your groove with smooth draw along with a flavor that you enjoy with a quality vapor.

    Pod Vapes

    A pod filled with nicotine salt e-liquid vape juice that inserts into a battery, has a sleek small design, available in a refillable pod or pre-filled. Also, referred to as pod mods, vape pods or pod systems. These high concentrated nicotine juice devices are automatic or have a power button on some of the newest designs to produce more clouds.

    Vape Pen

    vape pen Known as a vaporizer pen or vapor pen. Shaped like a pen usually pocket sized with a rechargeable battery and a cartridge that has the ability to change it. Vape pens are either draw activated or simply used by a click button, push and hold, and draw. In addition to nicotine vape juice also used for herbal vapes such as THC and CBD cannabis substances. 





    Box Mod

    Known for their high vapor production and larger size. More powerful tank than your typical vape and more battery capacity. Users have the ability to see and adjust the settings as pleased from the displayed screen, simply by accessing the menu.

    Regulated Mod

    It has a battery protection built internally to regulate the electricity flow and a replaceable tank. Most regulated mods have a temperature control, fire button cut-off, interactive display and a regulator chip, with a variety of safety features that are built into the device such as the battery, allowing users to vape while it’s charging.

    Mechanical Mod

    No electric parts meaning no safety features. It has a direct connection between the atomizer and battery, no internal protection or circuitry. It functions with a simple push of a button and comfortably fits in a pocket with its small hand fitting design.

    Vape Tank

    It is an interchangeable component of a vaping device that has a large tank to hold the liquid, a drip tip and an atomizer coil. Whichever style you prefer, just pair your tank of choice with a vape mod choosing the right vape tank for best vaping experience.

    RDA and RTA

    RDAs are rebuildable drip atomizers that require users to drip the e-juice onto the coil manually. RTAs are rebuildable tank atomizers that have a tank that holds the e-juice. Both are designed to work with your coil build. RDA or RTA are for the vape hobbyist using a premium quality vape tank for a better vape.

    Squonk Mod

    Meant for vapers who make their own coils. Requires specialized vape gear and knowledge used to feed eliquid to an atomizer with a built-in squeeze bottle from the squonk mod, known as “bottom feeding” that operates with RDA or RTA. This type of vapes are mostly utilized by advanced users.


    Vaporizers are the air moist. It vaporizes the liquid or other herbs releasing only the flavor and effect of the substance with a little smoke. Most popular herbs used in this type of device are medical cannabis and CBD. Vaporizer users intend to use different type of devices for different herbal substances.

    How to Know What Device is Best for You?

    If you are a beginner or wanting to change your vaping device, it is important to understand the different types of vaping devices and how they operate. We have useful information that you will find it helpful in choosing the right device to enjoy your vaping experience.

    Standard Vaping

    Otherwise known as MTL (stands for Mouth to lung). A lower resistance atomizer tank using a coil that is higher than 1ohm. This is similar to smoking a cigarette concentrates on flavor and it’s not intended to generate huge clouds. Perfect vape for beginners with excellent performance.

    Sub Ohm

    vape devices smokAlso Known as DTL (stands for direct to lung). Battery operated powerful mod style device with a coil that produces large clouds. High resistance coiled tank with more airflow, more flavor and warmer vapor. In addition, it is a fashionable device that produces larger clouds.

    Pod System

    They are small refillable empty pods. It is the same as MTL that requires nicotine salt vape juice, provided with different strength of nicotine levels. Just replace the pod, very easy and effortless to use.

    Herb Vaping

    Used for CBD or THC herbal substances, vitamins and various other herbs for medicinal and recreational benefits. Generally speaking, dry herbs operate using one button, just fill the vaporizer and press the button to enjoy smoking cannabis or aromatherapy.

    Voltage, Watts & Ohms

    Before we get started, we know this part can be complicated. So, we will help to simplify it, providing users with a better understanding. You can have a great vaping experience now that you know more about vaping and the device models they offer. However, if you are wondering about the parts associated that’s just as important to have a better understanding, and it is interesting to you, keep on reading.


    vape modsAlso known as VV (variable voltage), it’s the manual adjustment of the temperature of the device depending on the resistance of the specific atomizer. Increase voltage to increase wattage and get a better vapor (cloud).


    The key is to follow the manufacturer instructions and use the coil based on its resistance. Watts are the measurement of total electricity consumed and power provided to the coil, the higher the wattage is, it equals more power.


    Measures the electrical resistance, it defines resistance of the coil used in the atomizer. Different ohm’s will affect the vaping liquids flavor depending on your personal preference.

    Batteries and Charging

    The Batteries

    Exception to disposables, vaping devices utilizes rechargeable batteries (small lithium-ion) suitable for that particular type of device and are reliable and safe. Some are prebuilt in while others are not, depending on the device model. These batteries are powerful helping vaporizers to get the job done.

    The Charger

    vape device vgodAgain, exception to disposables all vaping kits provide a battery and a charger to keep your vapor working. There are special types and sizes of chargers available based on the device model such as, USB ports or customized multi-bay chargers.


    We have provided users with knowledgeable information in regards to vaping devices and products gaining insights. In today’s market and with the technology available in our modern world, you’ll find many vaping options available. Start off your experience with the best device types, vape juice, tanks, coils and batteries using all the documented guidance knowing the difference.
    Whether you are new to vaping or an advanced vapor feeling overwhelmed or wanting to upgrade your existing kit, it will be helpful to choose the best vaporizer or, some might say, the best vape mod that suits your style. Our mission is to ensure safety, satisfactory and the best vaping experience you’ll want to have.
    VapeJuiceDepot is your ultimate vape resource. Striving to offer authentic and quality products from top vape manufacturers to support the rapidly growing vape community making your journey as easy and as simple as possible.
    Warning vaping products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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