BLVK Unicorn UniCig Disposable e-Cig - $5.97 w/Bundle

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UniCig by BLVK Unicorn Disposable e-Cigarette

BLVK Unicorn UniCig Disposable E-Cigs allow vapers to take their favorite vapes with them when they’re on the go. Each e-Cigarette is draw activated and contains 5% nicotine. When the device runs out of juice, simply throw it away. It’s that simple.

Cuban Cigar

If you want to feel like you’re indulging in a little bit of luxury whenever you vape, simply enjoy Cuban Cigar, a stunning tribute to one of the most glorious tastes of all time. Smoky, sweet and rich, this flavor satisfies all of your taste buds’ needs at one time. This is the type of e-liquid that will have you closing your eyes and savoring the moment while you enjoy puff after puff.

Each inhale gives you that bold, complex taste that makes you feel like you’re puffing away on the most expensive cigar in the shop. Sweet and savory notes go back in forth tantalizing your senses while the nuttiness and woodsy notes start to come out to play. When you exhale, you’ll feel intoxicated by the astounding aroma.


Is there anything more invigorating than biting into an ice-cold apple on a hot summer day? Thanks to BLVK UniCig, you can indulge in that luscious, exhilarating experience by simply pulling on your mouthpiece. This flavor provides you with the crisp, sweet taste of everyone’s favorite fruit before seducing your palate with the intoxicating touch of pure ice. Does it get any better than that?

When you take in that little bit of vapor, you’ll get the sharp, bright taste of ripe granny smiths immediately. Feel rejuvenated as the crisp notes tickle every single taste bud. Then, the natural sweetness starts to come through. When it’s time to exhale, an unapologetically cold blast of menthol cools you down.


If you’re feeling like you want to spend the day lounging on a paradise island, simply reach for Pineapple, an intoxicating flavor that gives you that splendidly fresh taste of everyone’s favorite fruit. This exotic e-liquid combines that fruity taste with ice-cold menthol in order to cool you down when you need it the most. To put it simply, each hit of this flavor is profoundly refreshing and will leave you feeling as satisfied as can be.

The inhale tickles your palate with the crisp, tangy taste of freshly cut pineapple. You’ll feel like your thirst is being quenched as the juiciness explodes on the tongue. Then, the natural sugars start to come out, overwhelming your sweet tooth with pleasure. When you exhale, that chilly breeze sweeps up the throat and through the mouth to mellow you out.


Looking for a flavor that’s a bit on the exotic side? If so, just reach for Lychee and enjoy this luscious fruity taste that intrigues every single taste bud. For this tantalizing treat, BLK UniCigs combined this Asian delicacy with the perfect dose of pure, rejuvenating menthol, ensuring an astonishingly rejuvenating experience whenever you hit your e-cigarette. Prepare to feel invigorated while your thirst is satisfied.

As soon as you take that inhale, you’ll get the crisp, slightly tart taste of this magical fruit. The juiciness splashes all over your taste buds before working its way down your throat. Meanwhile, the natural sweetness becomes more and more pronounced. As you exhale, savor that iciness that gradually takes over your entire mouth.


Some vapers want nothing but cool and refreshing mint when they reach for their e-cig, and that’s why there’s Spearmint. This intoxicatingly cold vape juice combines frosty, chilling menthol with the gloriously fresh and pungent taste of spearmint leaves that are fresh from the garden. To call this vape juice invigorating would be a real understatement. Feel sublimely soothed whenever you draw some vapor into your mouth.

Upon inhaling, you’ll get that bright minty taste right away. As the vapor makes its way across your palate, the hint of sweetness starts to come through, satisfying your taste buds on an intense level. When it’s time to exhale, become absolutely overwhelmed with satisfaction thanks to the chilly menthol that coats your tongue in a layer of pure, glorious ice.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Cuban Cigar, Pineapple, Lychee, Spearmint

Type: Disposable Vaporizer

Nicotine Level: 50mg

Puff Count: 280mAh internal battery for 300 Puffs

Dispose after life cycle.

This reliable portable vaping device is incredibly easy to use, it’s tiny, lightweight, and requires zero maintenance. Most importantly, it delivers the proper amount of vapor and nicotine to satisfy your needs.

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CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn More

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