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Derived from nicotine in its purest form, Freebase nicotine is the foundation of the original eLiquid. Its potency is enhanced without altering the dosage, resulting in a robust hit. However, at extremely high nicotine levels or for novice vapers, this intensity may be overwhelming.

Freebase nicotine, originating from pure nicotine, is the fundamental component of traditional eLiquid. Its strength is amplified without changing the dosage, delivering a powerful sensation. Nevertheless, this heightened intensity might be overwhelming for beginners or at exceptionally high nicotine concentrations.

Freebase Nicotine:
- Has a slower rate.
- Harsh at higher dosages.
- Enables large cloud production.
- Is suited to vapers with lower nicotine requirements.
- Has a short shelf life.
- Suited for direct-to-lung vaping (DTL).
- More liquid is needed for a comparable nicotine hit.
For vapers aiming to manage or reduce nicotine consumption, particularly those with experience, Freebase Nicotine offers a solution. It allows for enjoying various flavors while decreasing nicotine potency without experiencing the harsh throat hit associated with higher strengths.

Nicotine is an optional ingredient in e-liquid, with options typically ranging from 0mg to 12mg. Your choice depends on your smoking habits. Finding the right strength is personal. Opting for a slightly lower strength enables vaping until satisfaction without a solid hit.

0mg nicotine - The nicotine free option is perfect for social smokers craving the smoking sensation occasionally or for diluting mildly nicotine-containing juices.

3mg nicotine - This is the lowest nicotine concentration available in liquid form, except if self-diluted with 0mg. It's the last step for individuals quitting smoking.

5mg-6mg nicotine - This mid-level nicotine strength is ideal for those smoking around ten cigarettes daily, but depending on your accustomed strength, 3mg might be more suitable.

10mg-12mg nicotine - Designed for typical pack-a-day smokers, this option serves as a good starting point to transition to vaping, providing sufficient nicotine to curb cravings.

18mg-20mg nicotine - This high nicotine level is suitable for heavy smokers consuming over a pack a day. Your device choice will also depend on the juice strength, as not all vapes are compatible.

Find the key differences between freebase and nicotine salts to decide which is best for you.

Nicotine Salts Facts
- Contains Benzoic or Citric acid for optimization
- Rapid absorption into the bloodstream
- Maintains smoothness even at higher doses
- Limited flavor complexity
- Produces restrained clouds
- Suited for mouth-to-lung vaping technique
- Potentially pricier per volume
- Offers the highest nicotine strengths
- Ideal for novice vapers and dual users
- Performs best with lower-wattage devices
- Provides cigarette-like nicotine hit with less e-liquid
- Longer shelf life due to slower oxidation

Freebase Nicotine Facts
- Free from additives
- Absorbs into the bloodstream at a slower rate
- Becomes harsher with higher doses
- Offers maximum flavor complexity
- Produces larger clouds
- Compatible with both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping techniques
- Often more affordable per volume
- Available in the lowest nicotine strengths
- Suitable for vapers with low nicotine requirements
- Functions best with higher power wattage devices for optimal vaping
- May require more e-liquid for a cigarette-like nicotine hit
- Has a shorter shelf life due to faster oxidation