American Patriots Naked 100 Tobacco 60ml

Strength: 0mg
Size: 60ml
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Mitzi Hale
Will buy again

This is the best. A true nicotine flavor

Donna Caples
Great Flavor

I love this juice, it's just right. Will definitely buy again and will recommend to everyone.

Robert J.
Great regular nicotine juice / freebase, mellow flavor that is not excessively that of tobbaco bu...

This juice was good. I did make the mistake of getting it at a very low strength, however, "chain vaping" the low strength allowed me to realize that my 25w Smok Novo v3 can overheat the pods and that can cause the liquids to heat up and disappear quickly. So it seems that chain vaping to where you heat up the pod or chamber to where it is very hot to the touch is not a good idea, because it seems to cause loses, that extra heat.

About the juice itself, this freebase liquid's taste profile is very subtle. It isn't some weird fruity flavor but upon vaping it... it doesn't have that nastiness of a cigarette. Behavioral-wise, I would say it tastes just enough like regular tobacco to use it as a liquid to try and quit or use it as a nicotine cesssation aid. It does have very faint smell to other smokers in the area and they report different smells like pancake syrup and such, haven't smoked it around non-smokers ith better olefactory / noses, but I imagine they would not have much to complain about.

I am buying again, simply at a higher strength. I'm not all into the Starbucks style vaping (funky flavors). I recommend this for someone just getting into vaping to quit or use as a cessation aid, but YMMV. I think it's excellent.

Sarah R.
Pure Tabacco

I love this juice, it reminds me of American Spirit cigarettes

Christopher P.
Clean smell of tobacco in the air

Love this juice, tastes good and smells great!

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