Aspire Nautilus Prime X Replacement Pods

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Randi C.
Great Pod for a Great Device!

Have been using the Nautilus Prime X constantly since I got it a couple week's ago and these pods are amazing! Absolutely NO leaking! I hate it..and I'm sure you do too...when you get a shiny new device and first thing..the pod leaks! Have had NO problem's with that at all. Not 1 drop. They aren't clear. Kind of a light tint but easy to tell how much juice you have without taking the pod out of the device to check how full it is. The plug for the filling hole fit's firmly but not too tight. It has 2 small metal screws attaching it on one side so you don't have to worry about accidentally pulling on the wrong side to fill it. The drip tip is a standard 510 and removable if you want to change it out. Plus, the larger size mean's you can take it with you and use it all day without worrying if you'll run out of juice. Am going to buy a couple extras for different juice flavors.

Quality Product

These refillable pods are easy to fill and use. Great hits.

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