Lychee Salt BLVK Unicorn eLiquid 30ml

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Size: 30ml
Strength: 35mg
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Phat N.
It was okay

Not sure why only the first couple of hits were good. I am using the original Caliburn with a new red pod and the taste is gone after 10 hits

Matt M.
Tastes awful

Prob one of the worst flavors I’ve ever bought. This is god awful. And I am not a menthol or cool person. Would have been nice to know before purchasing. Purchased many products through this company, and it’s really started to head down hill fast. I want to be a loyal customer, but little things over the past few months with orders have me abs my wife shopping elsewhere. Wasted thousand of dollars on products that have either sat or never received, didn’t last, etc...I am not one to bad mouth. I am sure that certain things were honest mistakes and things get lost in translation. But, when I input discount codes and they haven’t expired and they get taken off of my purchase even for following guidelines, that’s just not good practice in my opinion. They were an amazing company at first. Hopefully they can turn the corner and get back to where they once were. I loved there products and website. Now, they have been surpassed imo. I know this seems like I’m bashing the company, but please stop with the stupid little promo codes that really never add up to much of anything. If you are going to offer a sale or deal then bear your competitors and make them have to follow suit. Just my .02 I love the company for a long time. Couple bad reps and only order now if I have to.

Jon G.
Too harsh

I can't even hit it. My novo 2 ceramic pods atomize this juice very harshly. I hope its just my coil, but i can't say i recommend this juice

Azbel G.
Give it a try

By far one of the best juices !

Good flavour mild lychee

Lychee flavour is there. However it is very faint. Overall a decent flavour that leaves your lips icy cool.

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