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Deirdre Mortimer

This little device is the worst piece of crap I've ever bought. First, (and probably my fault for not actually researching it) I thought the tank was a "tank." It's not. You have to wedge the glass piece between the top piece holding the coil, into the base piece (where the vent is) and squeeze as hard as you can and pray the threads catch. It took me several attempts and a whole bunch of cursing.

Then, the "tank" area holds enough juice for... 10 min. of vaping? And for the first day the juice was just pouring out through the vent hole, even though I didn't fill it all the way. I have been vaping 15 years, I know how to prime coils and to leave some room when filling a device.

I basically set fire to $20. DO NOT BUY THIS P.O.S.!

Noell Slade
Great for newbies

I really like it. It’s easy to put together and refill.


In the past, I always used the larger SMOK devices. However, when I purchased my first Vape Pen, I’ve never gone back to the larger SMOK devices. I believe that currently, my inventory of SMOK Vape Pens is 6. They charge fast ~ you don’t need to charge them all the time ~ they are easily filled with new juice ~ not much leakage, if any at all. I highly recommend purchasing this item!

Ariel Berry
Glass Tube

This is my favorite vape pen that you have in stock. The only problem I've had was getting some batteries to fit the glass tube. It is a manufacturing flaw.

Allyson N.
Convenient But Has Issues

I enjoy the SMOK Vape Pen 2 Kit. It’s small-ish and easy to refill.
The problem I have with it and it can be a hassle is the power button sticks and the vape will keep running.
This has happened on all four vape pen 2 kits I’ve purchased.
One pen even turned on while it was charging. The constant heat from the vape actually melted the plastic mouthpiece.
I now ALWAYS power off the vape when it is charging so it won’t turn on on its own and melt or burn anything around it.

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