Dear valued customers,

We wanted to give a quick update on some exciting news about our shop. As you may be aware, online stores have changed a lot due to the implementation of many bills throughout the past 2 years. Because of this, shipping and product prices have increased to account for those changes that have occurred. Now we understand that this is taxing on our customers and an increase in inflation doesn’t make it any easier for you. To combat that, Vape Juice Depot has strived to ensure that our customers are put first. Thus we have changed a lot of product pricing so that our prices are competitive and low for you! Most of these changes will be reflected in the price of all E-liquids yet. As we expand and make more connections, we plan on lowering prices on many products to ensure you always receive the best price. You can also sign up for our email marketing to ensure that you receive the latest news on sales we run weekly to save you even more! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued support throughout all these trying times.



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