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Strength: 67mg
Count: 2 Gel Capsules
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Balance CBD Gel Capsules by Social CBD

Social crafted this Balance Gel Capsules Social CBD dietary supplement to facilitate your daily life, especially ensuring that you are balanced and in harmony with your mind. Combining high-quality ingredients, like MCT Coconut Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, CBD Hemp Extract, Purified Water, and Caramel Color, these purest ever CBD gel capsules will bring a positive diversity to your wellness efforts.

Social CBD Balance CBD Gel Capsules are offered in a container of 30 gel capsules with 33.3mg of potent CBD per capsule and in a pack of 2 gel capsules with 33.3mg of potent CBD per capsule, which is third-party tested.

Diversify and keep balance with Social!

Container Size: 30 Gel Capsules

Pack Size: 2 Gel Capsules

Serving Size: Start with the lowest possible serving

CBD Strength: 1000MG /per container

  • 33.3mg of CBD /per gel capsule

CBD Strength: 67MG /per pack

  • 33.3mg of CBD /per gel capsule

Lab Report

THC: None

Made in USA

Usage: As a dietary supplement, use the capsules as instructed on the product's label.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity

The brand Social CBD is more into harmony and wellness, which is highly reflected in its CBD product lines of diverse crafts and mixtures. Speaking about quality, purity, and consistency, Social CBD is committed and delivers the products that are highly demanded by these qualities noted. The brand has developed and offers many products utilizing quality botanicals, essential oils, and natural flavors to ensure great taste and an enhanced experience.

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