GeekVape Obelisk 65 FC Pod Mod Kit

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Doesn't Really Live Up to Its Name...

I want to like the Obelisk. I really do. Hell, I've bought three of them! The first one lasted about a week before losing its ability to take a charge, which, because of the self-contained battery, rendered it useless. Haven't been able to get a warranty replacement so I bought another one and the fire button sticks in the firing position. Not all the time, it's totally random. And that's too bad, because I think it's a cool-looking mod. I like its shape, with the asymmetrical profile and recessed tank. It's tinted, which I like because it looks good, but don't like because it's difficult to see exactly where your juice level is.
The weight, size and feel are all pros. I like that it's side-firing, although technically the button's location is probably considered front, but as you hold it it's on the side.
It has plenty of power and I really like the Variable Power Control feature, although, in my opinion, the UI is not as refined as some of its competition, such as the Freemax Max.
Initially it seems to be solidly built and thoughtfully designed, but it's far from leak proof and any juice that escapes has nowhere to go but straight down, over the battery, before pooling at the bottom, where the majority of the electrical connections are located.
Being top-filling is convenient, but incredibly easy to over-fill because of the sloping location of the port.
So, despite all of the pros, it's the cons which are the reasons why, if and when the second one fails, the third one will remain sealed in its box.
As far as being a pillar of strength, or a monument... GeekVape has other devices which are far more capable of living up to a name like "Obelisk".


Got actually what I wanted with high quality. I'm satisfied. thx.

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