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IGNITE Disposable Vape Pen

Amazing range of disposable vape pens by IGNITE that are equipped with 280mAh built-in battery and pre-filled with high-quality flavor profiles. IGNITE Disposable Vape Pens accommodate 1.2ml of 5% nicotine salt infused eLiquid each, and enable about 300 puffs rich in multiple undertones of quenching, invigorating and refreshing flavors that you will become your favorites.

These stylish, vape-ready disposable pod devices, introducing slim and compact design, require no refilling, recharging or any maintenance. Simply use and dispose once they over. With this draw-activated vape sticks, you will be able to blow unbelievably beautiful clouds and experience solid throat hits. Dress up your diverse cravings with IGNITE!

Cool Menthol - Get that cool healing breeze out of IGNITE vape pen and refresh your mind for a productive day. When you inhale, minty crispiness coats your tongue, sweetly freezes your taste buds and making its way to your throat. Then you feel that chilling stream of subtle menthol hits the spot. Whenever your thirst is hot, Cool Menthol is here to fix!

Strawberry Guava Ice - Feel the strawberry-guava goodness on ice while vaping this vape juice. It seems that limitless undertones of freshly picked strawberries and guavas with menthol touch, have come together to cheer up your soul, while your nicotine cravings get away. Rich in quenching fruity drops, each puff brings a delicious taste of slightly sweet and cooling tartness to make you happy and satisfied.

Blood Orange - Citrus flavored phenomenal vape treat that makes you drool on the inhale, then washes all over your palate and leaves your taste buds in a pleasureful bath made of blood-orange juice on the exhale. Such an intensive and beautiful cycle of diverse flavor notes that really make you want more and more.

Mango - This is a vape ready tropical extravaganza that will drive you crazy. Once inhaled, you start sensing a mango creaminess and the taste of its rich and satisfying aromatic texture. As you keep on vaping, you feel growing deliciousness of tropical goodness along with that juicy sweet throat bites on the exhale. A mango delight that will get you into the summertime spirit.

Banana Ice - A perfect source of positive energy to get out of this vape juice. If you are exhausted and have no more powers to fight your nicotine cravings, Banana Ice e-Juice is here to support. Its smooth creamy texture with menthol finish will balance your inner world, then boost your energy levels and make sure you get that satisfactory touch you need.

Watermelon - Oh those watermelons! It sounds so juicy and sweet when we pronounce the name of this pleasureful melon. When you hit the vapor, it bursts with the perfect amount of watermelon boldness capable to handle any type of cravings you might have. Just keep in mind, that it's designed the way that you won't be able to resist.

Sour Apple Ice - Its time for an invigorating and delicious blend crafted to keep your vaping needs away. Assembling hints of sour apples and fresh menthol leaves, Sour Apple Ice is the right e-juice to treat your body to the right amount of cooling crispy vape dose making it relax and calm.

Icy Mint - Ideal for a quick refreshment, this flavor profile contains mentholated blend of sweet and fresh mint leaves ready to transfer all that flavor patterns to hold you satisfied. Sensible menthol hints of this impressive blend will make you feel like you're flying like a butterfly at the inhale. The richness of the mint will take over before the texture becomes slightly sweet on the exhale.

Tobacco - A flavor, that offers a vape experience that takes care of your tobacco cravings like nothing else can. As you vape, the richness of the sun-cured fresh tobacco leaves intensifies with every puff you take and makes you feel like you're hitting an analog. Grab a bottle or two and enjoy real tobacco bliss!

Blue Raspberry - Can you realize that you are a vape away to be satisfied? Slightly tart and flavorful berry-blast packed in this compact vape pen with stylish design will hit your throat with quenching solid kicks to relax your mind and soothe your thirst. Simply take in some vapor and release, and then feel that refreshing blue raspberry taste making your palate feeling energized.

Blueberry Ice - If you are looking for a reliable companion, then Blueberry Ice e-juice is what you need. It arrives with very cold sensation of tartness and tang making you salivate. Puffs, rich in exceptional taste of blueberries with menthol finish, will come and go to handle your deep cravings in just couple of inhales and exhales.

Primary Flavor: Menthol, Watermelon, Mango, Apple, Tobacco, Mint, Blood Orange, Strawberry, Banana, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Guava

Type: Disposable Pod

eLiquid Capacity: 1.2ml

Nicotine Level: 50mg

Puff Count: draw-activated for up to 300+ puffs

*Dispose after life cycle.

Wide ranging assortment of disposable devices by IGNITE, manufactured based on draw-activated technology and new hardware, as well as pre-filled with diverse flavor profiles that integrate high-quality and pure ingredients with the main purpose to ensure flexible solutions for different needs of vapers.


CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Continue Reading

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie W.

The nicotine taste comes through the blood orange. I would send them back if I could!

Miles B.
Great product

Great and easy to use!

Ryan K.
Ignite Disposable Vape

Strawberry guava ice real deal. Thx

Ryan K.
Ignite 🔥🔥

Great item regular purchaser

Ryan K.
Ignite disp vape pen

Strawberry guava ice. Best disp vape.

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