Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System Kit

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Pros and cons

I love aspire products and sue to the nautilus coils running out everywhere I tried this.

Pros: it’s small and compact, and you want get those accidental button pushes while in your pocket which is great. The tank is small but it gets me through the day. I never let the liquid get to low anyway but it did last longer than expected. I use slat mic and with a few adjustments to the air flow I got it perfect.

Cons: first thing it stands on a slant which is weird, and the charging port is at the bottom. So, this thing finds itself on the side a lot. If it’s laid down for too long it leaks and I’ve gotten a liquid in my mouth a few times which sucks. The tank clicks in and if you drop it the tank flys off. I find myself cleaning the tip multiple times a day and it’s kinda hard to clean it fully. The battery life is not the best. I’ll have to charge it 2-3 times a day and you gotta find weird ways to charge it while keeping it upright, which is a pain.

Overall I think it’s got a lot of potential but this one really didn’t work for me. Just requires a lot of extra work to keep it functional for vape.

Jerin R.
Not bad but battery life is short

Good production but low battery life

Kevin B.
Great product

Great! I will buy every time!


attractive price for such an amazing device

Susan C.
Love this system

I really enjoy using this pod system it’s simple, easy to change coils and can be used with salts or reg ejuice. Charges up fast too.

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