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Anyone vaper out there looking to buy a vape mod might find themselves feeling intimidated by the extraordinary selection of products that are available on today’s vaping market. There are all kinds of styles of mods out there, and within each style is a variety of different models with their own unique features, settings, displays and more.

What Does “Mod” Mean in Vaping?

A mod is simply a vaporizer device, which acts as the control box for the vaping setup. The mod contains a battery, which is either built into the device or installed and replaceable. In its most basic form, the mod features a battery light indicator that allows you to know when it must be recharged. More advanced mods feature display screens and navigation buttons that allow you to adjust all kinds of output functions such as wattage and temperature.What Does Mod Mean in VapingThe mod is only part of the vaping setup. There needs to be an atomizer that attaches to the mod, such as a tank, cartridge or RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) that contains the coil and holds the e-liquid. This allows the mod’s power to heat up the coil, which in turn evaporates the liquid into vapor that’s inhaled through the mouthpiece.

What are the Different Vape Mods?

Box Mods: Box mods are the most advanced and powerful mods, and the most customizable as well. They can reach wattage levels of up to 230 watts, and the more powerful the mod, the bigger and fluffier the clouds. Box mods usually have display screens that let you observe the adjustments that you’re making to your settings. Most box mods use replaceable 18650 lithium-ion batteries, but some newer models have batteries built into the devices.

Pod Mods: Pod mods are low-wattage devices that are used for e-liquids made with salt-based nicotine, which are not compatible with box mods and other types of mod devices. In other words, if you wish to vape a salt nic e-juice, you need to have a pod mod. These lower wattages are best for this stronger type of nicotine.

Pod mods can vary in terms of how complex they are. The most basic ones don’t have any adjustable settings and operate at a fixed wattage. More advanced pod mods have various wattage adjustments and even temperature control features, while boasting display screens and being compatible with both salt nic and freebase nic e-liquids. They are smaller than box mods, with almost all of them being pocket-friendly.

Pen Mods: Pen mods are somewhere in between box mods and pod mods, except they only take freebase nicotine e-juices. Pen mods get their name from their cylindrical shape, which has a tank attached to it. They are less powerful than box mods, but can reach up to 100 watts, which is plenty for a lot of vapers. They tend to have fewer adjustment options, with many featuring a simple output dial at the base of the tank, or a button-based system that allows you to explore different output presets.

Disposable Mods: Disposable mods, also known as e-cigarettes, are all-in-one devices that are designed to be as user-friendly and simple as possible. They consist of a battery that is pre-charged and non-rechargeable, and an attached cartridge containing e-liquid. The battery should last for as long as the e-liquid does, meaning that when the e-liquid runs out, you replace the device. These types of devices do not have any adjustable setting options and are extremely small and lightweight.

How Do Vape Mods Work?

So, how does a mod work? Well, of course, it depends on the mod. More advanced box mod devices use advanced chipset technology to power the different settings and features, while simpler mods use a more basic form of electronic current that sends power from the battery to the coil, which creates the vapor out of the e-liquid.How Does it Work?Some mods have firing buttons, while others are draw-activated. A firing button allows you to hold down the button to produce vapor, which you can inhale as you desire. A draw-activated system requires that you pull on the mouthpiece to trigger the coil’s ability to produce vapor, and so no buttons are necessary.

Mods do need to be maintained. They should be cleaned regularly, as small leaks of e-liquid can cause a layer of gunk to develop. A weekly wipe down with a tissue dipped in isopropyl alcohol should do the trick.

And, of course, a mod can only work if its battery is charged. This is why you should charge the battery regularly as needed.

What is an E-Cig Made of?

In terms of materials, e-cigs and other mods are usually made out of a highly resilient material, with zinc-alloy being the material of choice nowadays for its impressive resiliency coupled with its lightweight nature.

What Type of Tank Should I Use?

Once you’ve selected a mod, you need to choose tank or cartridge. A tank is suitable for a pen mod or box mod, while cartridges are compatible with pod mods. Make sure you select the right atomizer in terms of compatibility, and choose one that is made with high-quality materials.What type of Tank Should I Use?If you’re going with a box mod, you will find that sub-ohm tanks are universally compatible with these devices as they all share a 510-threaded connection. One key factor to consider is whether or not the coils that come with your tank are compatible with the output levels you wish to vape at, and this information should be available in the product description of the coils that come with the tank.

When to Change Your Vape Coil

All vape coils need to be changed, as they are not made to last forever. You will know that it is time to change your vape coil when the e-liquid begins to leak or take on an unpleasant or weak taste. Most vapers change their coil once or twice a week depending on how much they vape and how high their output is set at.

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