FOGG, STIG, UNICIG, PUFF Bar Disposable Showdown

Here comes the time for the faceoff of the disposables that are easy to use, compact, you never have to charge and refill them.


The first is FOGG Vape disposable device which is 5% nicotine strength. It has partnered up with e-liquid companies like SOLACE, even POD JUICE to make 14 different flavors. A blue light appears at the bottom of the device while you’re hitting making your device more appealing.

The second is VGOD STIG which comes in 5 different flavors. It has 3 disposables in a pack and is 6% nicotine strength. It also provides blue light at the bottom of the device. Each STIG pod is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes.

The next contender is BLVK Unicorn UniCig with 5 flavor options and is filled with 5% nicotine strength salt e-liquid. In comparison with the others, it has got only one disposable per pack and is a little bit taller and doesn’t have the light of any kind.

Last but not least is PUFF BAR with a unique approach to vaping. It comes with one device and is also 5% salt nicotine. It’s slim and taller than the rest of the devices.

Let’s dive deep into taking all of these disposables apart to explore the hidden secrets of the pod devices. Which is the best one?

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