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Welcome to our "How Vape Changed My Life" blog! Here, personal stories come to life, showcasing the profound impact that vaping has had on real people's lives. Beyond a trendy habit, vaping has become an experience for countless individuals.

"How Vape Changed My Life" blog serves as a platform for those touched by the vape culture and its positive influence. Furthermore, the power of personal narratives can inspire, connect, and enlighten others. Who may be curious or contemplating their vaping journey.

Here, you'll find heartfelt stories from people from different walks of life – stories that delve into how vaping has enhanced their well-being. Helped them overcome challenges, and even sparked unexpected transformations. From former smokers finding solace in a healthier alternative to individuals discovering newfound communities and hobbies, the stories shared here are as diverse as the people who lived them.

So, let's embark on this adventure of personal stories, knowledge-sharing, and genuine connections. Therefore, speak up and let us explore together how vaping has genuinely changed our lives.

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Tammy Danner

My name is Tammy I smoked Marlboro 100s for years and my sister smoked Winston she started vaping before me and bought me a mag mod kit took me awhile I was stubborn to try it smoking already have me asthma i wss having a rough time breathing had phemonia two times my doctor told me if I didn’t quit I would end up with COPD so I tried vaping have not had a cigarette in six years and my asthma has been under control and i don’t get out of breath so easy and feel so much better thanks for vaping and my sister saved me from possibly getting copd or worse take care God bless

Shae Tobey

I’m 37 and started smoking Marlboro red shorts at 14. Between a half pack and a whole pack a day until I was 30, with asthma and working in local16 insulation union work, I had to make a change. I tried chewing/dip and my teeth turned brown and my gums receded so again i needed a change. And that’s the same time that tobacco here in California went way up so again I hella needed a change. I didn’t think vaping was gonna do the trick because i tried it when they first came out with the vape that looked like a cig damn near and the nic level wasn’t there yet,,i think cuz it wasn’t my jam then…..well fast forward to 2019 when i got my first vape,,,a disposable by flum,,it was pink and looked like a butt plug,, and was lychee ice,,,i fell in love and went n got a few more. Once I realized i love watermelon flavors I got my novo2 with 1.0 mesh pods. Now 4 years later and I’m still loving the health benefits compared to dip and cigs,,also the cig smell n smoke was ridiculous right?
I’m now just starting to dabble in sub ohm and also falling in love.
I can’t wait to try new flavors and really hope I find another flavor that I keep around n love as much as watermelon blast by pod juice and lychee ice by flum.
If anyone reads this because they’re interested in getting into vaping,, I highly advise you do. Especially if it’s to get off cigs or dip, your future self and everyone around you in your everyday life will thank the day you did;)) i promise.
Thank you for reading, peace ✌️.

Sherry Lorentz

Going from cigarettes to vaping was probably the best decision I have ever made, I can play with my grand children now without smelling like cigarettes smoke, and it’s cheaper than buying cigarettes where I live it we have some very hot summers so it’s very nice to not have to step outside And 110° to have a cigarette I can just vape inside. when I’m vaping around others. They love the smell because mostly it’s fruity. It’s satisfactory for me and I love that I can switch up the flavors from time to time I have more energy and can breathe better And just all-around feel better

Ali P

I’ve been a smoker for more than half my life. I was up to 3½ packs a day. Throughout the years I’ve quit smoking several times, but it just didn’t stick. I’ve also purchased so many different e-cigs and vapes that I’m not even sure where all of the stuff went. In February 2022 my Dad was hospitalized and passed away 3 weeks later. The one thing that he always wanted for me was to quit smoking. So I made a plan and walked into a smoke shop that is in my area and told them what I wanted – I wanted a good vape pen and vape juice that would be equivalent to the amount of cigarettes I had been smoking. They got me set up and off I went. That was the end of June 2022. On December 7 I smoked my last cigarette and continued with the vape.

My local store didn’t always have what I wanted, when I wanted it, so I got online and discovered VapeJuiceDepot. Their prices, including shipping and age verification, are much cheaper than the stores in my area!

I’m in desperate need of knee replacement surgery on both legs. I knew I had to quit nicotine in order for them to do the surgery, so I worked slowly at reducing my nicotine level. While I continue to enjoy vaping, I am now using zero nicotine juice. I still get the pleasure of vaping but I can now pass the blood test regarding the nicotine.

I truly believe that my Dad, may he rest in peace, is smiling down on me!


I must say,it’s dreamy for me to have found VapeJuice. 🥰I’m 55,started smoking at 13. Have never vaped until this year.💯 At my heaviest of smoking cigarettes, I was puffing 4 packs a day😳 I was told to quit. Wheezing etc. So,I gave vapejuice a try,WOWZA! One vape lasts me an entire WEEK!🔥! I realized,that when I light a cigarette,I smoke it until it’s gone,10 minutes later another. 🙄But with these vapes from VapeJuice? I take 1-3 puffs,and put it down. No burnt taste from relighting a cig,put out to slow down. 🫶It’s instant,whenever I feel the need,and have slowed down tremendously. I EVEN QUIT WHEEZING!AND SAVED MONEY!!🧏‍♀️I found out,they have flavored NO NICOTINE vapes and juice as well…so now I go back and forth. To wean myself. I will NEVER regret this decision,and wish to thank VapeJuice,For saving my life💝Customer service is "A"1 as well. Blessed to have found yall. HIGHLY RECOMMEND VAPE JUICE.
Grab life by the horns,and give it a try.


I must say,it’s dreamy for me to have found VapeJuice. 🥰I’m 55,started smoking at 13. Have never vaped until this year.💯 At my heaviest of smoking cigarettes, I was puffing 4 packs a day😳 I was told to quit. Wheezing etc. So,I gave vapejuice a try,WOWZA! One vape lasts me an entire WEEK!🔥! I realized,that when I light a cigarette,I smoke it until it’s gone,10 minutes later another. 🙄But with these vapes from VapeJuice? I take 1-3 puffs,and put it down. No burnt taste from relighting a cig,put out to slow down. 🫶It’s instant,whenever I feel the need,and have slowed down tremendously. I EVEN QUIT WHEEZING!AND SAVED MONEY!!🧏‍♀️I found out,they have flavored NO NICOTINE vapes and juice as well…so now I go back and forth. To wean myself. I will NEVER regret this decision,and wish to thank VapeJuice,For saving my life💝Customer service is "A"1 as well. Blessed to have found yall. HIGHLY RECOMMEND VAPE JUICE.
Grab life by the horns,and give it a try.

Bill Janes

After being hospitalized four times and having an average stay in the hospital of nine days I needed a change. The first three times as soon as I walked out of the hospital I fired up a cigarette. When the fourth time came along I decided to make a change. I research vaping and wanted to make sure my new decision to vape would be the best vaping solution for my nicotine needs. The day I walked out of the hospital I was set and never smoked another cigarette since Oct 31, 2017. Not having a dedicated vape supply company the chase was on. Just like many of us we found Vape Juice Depot. This crew has almost become like family. I can not remember the times when they stepped up to make sure my orders were correct and on time. Thank You to everyone at the Depot.

David Martin

I’ve been a regular marijuana user since I was a teenager. Somewhere in 50+ years, life happened and I’m now staying in an assisted-living facility. No smoking of any kind allowed. So I explored other alternatives and discovered vaping (or gummies). So, the only possibilities for me are those two. Needless to say, as long as I stay discreet and stay aware of my surroundings, vaping is my only alternative. Honestly, vaping is a blessing in disguise. I just take little strolls around the grounds and do a little vaping (2 hits at the most, usually). Thank God for vaping.


I started smoking in college due to the stresses that college brings. This was the first time in my life that school didn’t come easy for me. I found that smoking brought me some relief to the stress and anxiety, but it definitely did not help my wallet, especially being a broke college student. Vaping was a new thing that was becoming more popular so when I had enough money I bought me and my girlfriend (now my wife) a 2pk starter kit. We have not looked back since and have not touched another cigarette since. This has saved us so much money over the years and we feel so much better health wise. This has made such a difference in our lives and i am thankful everyday for it.


I smoked cigarettes for over 30 years. I tried every way possible to quit over the years. Patches, gum, hypnosis, the pill can’t remember the name that made me have bad dreams. Nothing ever worked..
I first started vaping with e’cigarette about
10 years ago to the pen and now the Geekvape with rechargeable batteries.
My lungs feel so much better. I feel much better. I can breath going up a set of steps. I am no longer wheezing in my chest in the mornings.
You can’t tell me that vaping isn’t better than cigarettes. I can tell a huge difference. It may not be healthy but is much better than the cigarettes health risk.


I had a bad loss back at the end of 2020, and it hit my whole family hard. I’ve been a smoker for way too many years along with my mother. I was so sick of the smell of cigarettes in everything from clothes to bedding and in the car. I was also getting more concerned about my my with her tremors and always dropping lit cigarettes on the floor. It was too the point I feared she was going to light the house on fire. My son had talked about vaping and so I decided it was time to try something new and leave those nasty smelling fire sticks in the past. I got a vape for both me and my mom, ( now quick note,I smoked a pack a day and she smoked 4 packs a day). I wanted to give her independence to smoke still and know she would not start a fire. I got her a sweet tasting e liquid and an easy to use device. At first she would still have cravings as well as I had them, but I’m no time we were both done with cigarettes. I don’t have the fear of her getting burned and the cost is so much cheaper. At first we were going to local vape shops and having a hard time getting what we were wanting until we found Vape Juice Depot. It has cut the cost more then half of what it was going to local shops and they always have a huge supply of everything. Just thinking of how much 5 packs of cigarettes cost now, to what we spend on vaping, is a huge difference. And to think that for my mom, 40 years of smoking cigarettes and many times of trying to quit was all made easier on her with the vape. For me it was 20 years of trying to quit. So a big thanks to the vape juice depot for being part of our journey on leaving cigarettes and their nasty smell and fear in the past. 🥹🥹😊😊 But always remember be kind to yourself as you journey on this path.

Natashia G

Vaping came into my life as a turning point, a chance to break free from the chains of traditional smoking. Before discovering vaping, I was caught in the clutches of a harmful habit, struggling with the health repercussions and the impact it had on my day-to-day life. It was effecting my personal and professional life. Being a bedside nurse, breaks come few and far between-if at all. When I’m fortunate to get one, I waste it smoking and come back reaking as such. It’s a lose lose proposition.

When I made the switch to vaping, it was like a breath of fresh air—literally. The transition was a challenging journey, but with determination and a desire for change, I persevered. Vaping provided the familiarity and sensation you craved without the detrimental effects of traditional cigarettes.

My health began to improve noticeably. Breathing became easier, and my sense of taste and smell returned. I found myself with newfound energy and vitality, enabling you to engage in activities you once enjoyed but had to put aside due to the limitations of smoking. It was amazing.

The financial burden of smoking started to lift as well. Vaping proved to be a cost-effective solution, allowing me to redirect your hard-earned money towards meaningful experiences and investments, enhancing my overall quality of life.

Moreover, the social aspect of my life underwent a positive transformation. As you transitioned to vaping, I found a supportive community of individuals who shared similar experiences and goals. This newfound network became a source of encouragement, offering guidance and camaraderie on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Vaping not only improved my physical health but also boosted your mental and emotional well-being. Breaking free from smoking allowed you to regain control of my life, boosting my confidence and self-esteem. I felt a renewed sense of empowerment, realizing that i had the strength to conquer addiction and embrace a healthier path. Promotions and raises at work aren’t too shabby either..

In essence, vaping changed your life by giving me a chance to break free from the clutches of smoking, empowering me to live a healthier, more fulfilling life with a brighter future ahead. I do not know where I would be today without it.


Although I am not a cig smoker I smoked hookah I was told more tobacco in shisha unless choosing zero which most bar / night clubs do not offer. Also recently cases of sharing hookahs spreading germs so I wanted something more personal I found out about vapes a year ago and I haven’t even set up my hookah at home. I do not share and feel safer.


I was a true cigarette smoker sadly i started in the 90’s and finally 25 yrs later 2022 i had the courage to quit. My daughter (27) starting using the fruity vapes and i was curious about it, i went into a vape shop and started asking questions like what alternatives they had for someone trying to quit smoking because fruity wasn’t option because i had been smoking 25yrs. I purchased a Smok novo 2 and tobacco flavored ejuice which i used for about 6 months i switched to cool mint and upgraded my vape to Smok propod and cigarettes have now been history for 1yr thanks to a knowledgeable person and vape pens

Greg C

I smoked for 33 years and I tried everything and I mean everything to quit but nothing worked until I found vaping and it still took me a whole year to fully quit smoking but I finally did it. I’ve been completely smoke free for almost 8 years now and I can actually breathe without getting out of breath. I would probably be dead by now if it wasn’t for vaping so I can actually say that vaping really did save my life. Thank God for vaping.


was addicted to cigarettes for many I years, I tried everything that would help me give up this terrible lesson. Thanks to my friend who uses vaip, I tried it, I wasn’t entirely convinced about this option, now I am very happy using vaiping


I had been a heavy smoker for several years, struggling to break free from the grip of nicotine addiction. I had tried numerous methods to quit smoking, but none had worked for me. Feeling discouraged and concerned about my health, I began searching for alternative options.

One day, while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon the concept of vaping. Intrigued by the idea of a smoke-free alternative, I decided to give it a try. I visited a local vape shop and was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who guided me through the world of vaping.

I purchased my first vaping device and a selection of e-liquids in various flavors. I was amazed by the wide range of options available, from traditional tobacco flavors to fruity blends and desserts. The flavors sparked my curiosity, and I eagerly filled my new device, ready to embark on this new journey.

Within days of switching to vaping, I noticed significant changes in my life. First and foremost, I experienced a gradual reduction in my cigarette cravings. The act of vaping provided me with the same hand-to-mouth motion and sensory experience I had grown accustomed to, but without the harmful chemicals associated with smoking.

As time went on, my health began to improve. I could breathe more easily, and my persistent cough gradually disappeared. I felt a renewed sense of energy and vitality, which motivated me to explore new activities I had long neglected. I joined a local basketball team, and my newfound stamina allowed me to keep up with the workouts and enjoy physical activities without feeling out of breath.

Vaping not only improved my physical well-being, but it also had a positive impact on my social life. I found myself surrounded by a community of vapers who shared their experiences, tips, and support. I attended vape meet-ups and made new friends who were also on their journey to quit smoking. The camaraderie I felt within this community was unlike anything I had experienced before.

My ultimate goal is to drop it all together, but I would’ve never made it this far if it wasn’t for vaping.


I got COVID-19 in 2021 and was rushed into the ICU with double pneumonia, where I fought for my life for two weeks. I barely survived. I was 41 years old. Once released from the hospital, I was very weak and could hardly walk to the bathroom alone. I still had the urge to smoke cigarettes. I knew that my chances of recovering were at risk if I didn’t quit smoking and, in desperation, decided to give vaping a try. I haven’t had a cigarette since August 16, 2021. I can breathe. I can walk a mile unassisted. Vaping has truly saved my life. Thank you!


I want to start off by saying that vaping is not a trending habit it is literally a life changing way to cut cigarettes out of your life.
I was introduced to vaping when my husband was in the Marine Corps a lot of the military men were turning to vaping not only for its easy convenience, but because they noticed they could breathe easier without wheezing and coughing up yellow phlegm while doing PST’s. As for me It was not always pleasant to go to military functions smelling of tobacco smoke and Can we also mention how most of the time you have to stand there and smoke the whole cigarette, where as vaping you can just take a few puffs and move on with whatever it is your doing!!
I use to have coughing fits at night are used to cough up phlegm and while I’d be laying down at night, I’d always be wheezing and because of the wheezing I would force myself to cough to try and get rid of the wheezing. Vaping does not cause wheezing..
I started vaping in 2011 when they sold those fake plug in the wall twist on the tip vaping sticks that mimicked the look of a cigarette, weird I know but it’s where I started. I moved on to having an actual mod ( Tugboat) and learning how to wrap coils by hand I learned this from going to vape conventions in California meeting good people and ventured onto finding local vape shops and let me tell you it’s such a relaxing atmosphere that always smelled amazing 🤩
Fast forward it’s now 2023 , 12 years strong and I only vape 3mg nic and I no longer wheeze. I am able to take deep breath’s so for me vaping is not something cool, or a trending habit. It is something that I believe helped save my lungs and my life and just for fun Z’s it saved my clothes in my hair from stinking.
I guess I should also mention they offer many different milligrams of nicotine, whereas cigarettes it’s one level of nicotine, I assume, but do you really know what all is inside of your cigarette ? With vaping they have to put what is inside of the E juice on the packaging so you know exactly what you’re ingesting into your lungs to me that sounds like a win.
I recently in 2022 bought my father a vape and eat juice with a tank because let’s face it I’m not going to teach him how to roll coils or even put pre-rolled coils into a mod because that’s just too much for a man in his 60s But let’s just say he called me up a few months later and told me how he felt like he could breathe better it melted my heart now I know there’s haters out they’re gonna say well. It’s still nicotine. Yes it is but it is also a controlled level of nicotine remember I said you can pick the level you like , well he vapes nic 3 😬 and he loves that there are so many options of different flavors that he could enjoy.
No matter what anyone says. I am walking proof in a living story, and I hold my truth of how vaping changed my life and it could change yours too. If you give it a try and be open minded and understand it is not a trend. It is a way to get off the cigarette train, I said what I said ❤️ Vaping 4 life


Once upon a time, in a small town nestled east of the city of Los Angeles, lived a person named Joseph. I was a kind-hearted and ambitious individual who had a passion for life. However, there was one aspect of life that held me captive: a fierce addiction to cigarettes.

The allure of rebellion and the desire to fit in led me to start smoking at a young age. As the years went by, smoking became more than just a habit—it became a crutch and a source of comfort during times of stress and anxiety. But deep down, I knew that their addiction was slowly taking a toll on my health and overall well-being.

One gloomy evening, while sitting alone on their porch, I found myself reflecting on the destructive nature of their addiction. I watched as the smoke from their cigarette mingled with the misty air, a stark visual representation of the damage I was doing to myself. It was in that moment of self-realization that I decided it was time for a change—a change that would not only benefit my own life but also inspire others.

With a newfound determination, I began researching alternative methods to quit smoking. Eventually, I stumbled upon vaping—a controversial yet promising option that offered a substitute for traditional cigarettes. I weighed the pros and cons, knowing that this journey would require unwavering commitment and resilience.

Armed with a vaping device and a pocketful of hope, I embarked on their journey towards freedom from the clutches of cigarette addiction. The first few days were the hardest; the cravings were relentless, and my body yearned for the familiar touch of a cigarette. But I refused to give up. I surrounded myself with a support system of friends and loved ones who understood the challenges they were facing and encouraged them to stay strong.

As time went on, I discovered the power of personalizing my vaping journey. I experimented with various flavors and nicotine strengths, tailoring my vaping experience to my individual needs. This customization allowed me to gradually wean off nicotine, reducing my dependence on it with each passing day.

But it wasn’t just the physical act of vaping that helped me overcome their addiction—it was the emotional transformation that took place alongside it. With each puff, I discovered a newfound sense of control and liberation. I began to associate the soothing vapor with a sense of relief rather than the harmful toxins of cigarettes. Vaping became a bridge, guiding me away from the dark, smoke-filled path I had once walked.

As months turned into years, my addiction to cigarettes faded into a distant memory. My health improved, and I regained my vitality and zest for life. I no longer felt like a prisoner of addiction but rather a survivor who had conquered the shadows that once haunted me.

And so, my story serves as a reminder that within each of us lies the strength to overcome our personal battles. No matter how deep the addiction, there is always hope for a brighter future—a future where freedom and self-discovery prevail over the shadows of the past. And I thank Vaping.


Change me positive economical and my health.

Alex Wooten

Before I stated using Vape Juice Depot, I was headed to the local vape store once per week in order to see if they had what I needed in stock. I promise you, it was ALWAYS hit or miss. On lucky days, I could get maybe half of the supplies I needed. On other days I would simply burn gas in my car for nothing. I stumbled upon Vape Juice Depot by chance. After an argument in a local vape shop here in San Antonio, TX, I was EXTREMELY frustrated. I said to myself, “never again.” I Googled online vape shops. And there you were. I browsed what you had to offer and right away I was convinced this was now my store. My life was immediately changed. I no longer have to spend my Fridays looking for juice. I actually save money because of your pricing and by not having to drive around. Your online store saved my info. So all I have to do is choose “order again”. It is literally that simple. I get to spend more time with my family and enjoy my weekends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You really did change my life.

Stewart Strauss

I smoked about a pack a day for the better part of five decades. American Spirits were my brand. When I finally gave them up the cost was $11.50 a pack. About $350 monthly.
I was diagnosed with emphysema, so I switched to vaping. That was last September. It’s taken a lot of experimenting with different flavors and pod kits. I’m happy with the nic salts and Vaporesso XR Max, purchased at the Vape Juice Depot.
I’ve seen my doctor (at least twice) since my diagnosis. My overall health is better and the signs of emphysema have lessened, which makes me a happy camper!


My story starts with my son who started vaping at 16. I didn’t want anything to do with vaping at first, mainly because I wanted my son to give it up! I changed my mind one day because of my disability. I have a genetic nerve disease that causes me to be in extreme pain 24/7! On top of that I have extreme anxiety which makes life very stressful! I started vaping because I desperately did not want to start smoking or drinking again! Those horrible habits was how I felt with my stress and anxiety before I got married and had kids and I wasn’t a very nice person when that’s how I felt with things! Vaping changed my life though!! It helps me deal with my extreme anxiety and stress, but that isn’t the best part for me. With my nerve damage causing me such extreme pain and consuming my entire life, vaping helps me keep my mind off the pain and on something more positive which helps make the pain slightly more manageable! Before I started vaping I would end up curled up in bed in so much pain I couldn’t move nor did I want to! I know there are those individuals that think vaping is something bad, but for me vaping is a wonderful tool that helps me deal with things that use to consume my life! Now, with vaping I can spend more positive time with my family and have a life! Before I started vaping I had no life and most days all I thought about was how much I wanted to die! I’m happy to say that vaping saved my life!!!


I started smoking when I was 12. I was smoking a pack a day by the time I was 17. I was having health problems, and my smoking increased to two packs a day. I was diagnosed with Dystonia when I was 28, (a crippling condition with no cure.) I had three children at that time. I continued smoking, got up to over 2 packs daily. Always changing brands depending on what was on sale and whether I had coupons. 8 yrs ago, one of my best friends introduced me to vaping. She gave me an old KangerTech mod. It changed my life. My clothes don’t stink, my house doesn’t stink and my grown children are relieved that I’ve quit for good. The only times I’d quit before was during my pregnancies. My cough went away and my voice sounds so much better. I tried a few different kinds of devices that some of my friends had. 5 years ago, a new vape store opened here and had chances to win a mod and juice. I won, and picked a Vaporesso Revenger. I was blown away with the satisfaction from the way it controlled my urge to buy cigarettes. What a blessing. I started with 20 something mg of nicotine and am down to 3 mg. I’m having a major back surgery in August. Thank goodness my nicotine use has decreased tremendously. My Revenger quit working about 8 months ago. I’m using a Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus now. I got it on sale for $15. It’s not as powerful powerful, but it’s okay. Vaping was a life saver for me.

Kimberly Smith

Vaping change my life because smoking cigarettes smells so nasty and I can breathe better when I vape instead of smoking cigarettes. Also I don’t have that nasty cough. Vaping is just so much better!

Sandra Reome

Vaping was a great change in my life. Easier for me too use on a busy schedule. No messing with lighters or burning myself anymore. For me it was a great change for the better.


I was a heavy smoker for 40 years, had a horrible smokers cough and trouble breathing for many of those years, then had a heart attack in 2013. Not having any luck quitting, I switched to vaping. In about three to four weeks, my smokers cough was gone, I could walk longer distances without getting out of breath. Cigarettes smelled awful to me. I couldn’t believe I smelled like a dirty ashtray for all those years! Now it’s 2023 and I feel like I never smoked a cigarette in my life! Thank God they invented vaping or I would most certainly be dead.

J Wayson

I smoke cigarettes for over 40 yrs. Once cigarettes reached $3 a pack I was determined to quit. My father had massive heart attack from smoking for over 60yrs, this made me quit on the spot. While others around me continued to smoke I was having urges . I tried a vape but had trouble finding the right flavor. I finally found a mix a local store would make but soon after they closed down-(Covid issues) Then I tried the SaltBae 50 and fell in love with it. I can say I have felt better vaping rather than cigarette use. Have been a fan since the first purchase.

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