What is Salt Nicotine and Why is It So Popular?

Salt nicotine, also known as salt nic, nicotine salt, or nic salt, is a type of nicotine found in certain vaping products: more specifically, in disposable vape devices, in the pre-filled vape pods that come with certain pod systems, and in bottles, when specified as such. Salt nic vape juice has become outstandingly popular in recent years thanks to its distinctive ability to satisfy nicotine cravings on a level that simply isn’t obtainable with the alternative form of nicotine found in vaping goods: freebase nicotine.

What is Salt Nicotine?

First things first: salt nicotine refers to nicotine that’s extracted from the tobacco plant. It’s blended with benzoic acid to enhance its absorption into the body. Here's a simplified overview of how salt nicotine is made:

  1. Extraction of Nicotine: Nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves. This nicotine is in its freebase form, which is its pure and unprotonated state. Freebase nicotine is the same type used in traditional cigarettes and older generations of e-liquids. It's known for being highly bioavailable but can be harsh when inhaled at high concentrations.
  2. Acid Addition: The extracted freebase nicotine is then combined with a specific type of acid. The type of acid used can vary, but common choices include benzoic acid, citric acid, or lactic acid. The choice of acid can affect the final product's throat hit, flavor, and how nicotine is absorbed by the body.
  3. Creation of Nicotine Salt: The addition of the acid to the freebase nicotine creates a reaction that forms the nicotine salt. This process is known as “protonation,” where the nicotine molecules gain a proton, transforming them into a more stable and less volatile form. Nicotine salts are more similar to the form of nicotine that naturally occurs in tobacco leaves.
  4. Refinement and Purification: After the nicotine salt is formed, it undergoes further refinement and purification processes to ensure its purity and quality. This step is crucial to remove any impurities and ensure that the nicotine salt is safe for consumption.
  5. Formulation into E-Liquid: Finally, the nicotine salt is dissolved into a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), along with flavors and other additives, to create the final e-liquid product. This e-liquid can then be used in pod systems and low-power vape devices.

Now, there are two types of nicotine found in vaping products. Other than salt nic, there is freebase nic (freebase nicotine), which predates salt nic juice by a number of years.

Freebase nicotine is the type of nicotine found in e-liquids that are used with box mod systems. It’s actually a chemically modified form of nicotine that cigarette companies have used for decades. The problem with freebase nicotine is that when it’s vaped at high wattage levels, as it is with box mod systems, it becomes incredibly harsh, irritating the respiratory tract. This is why freebase nic e-liquids contain relatively low milligram strengths – typically maxing out at 24mg – so that the vaper can still enjoy smooth, non-irritating inhales.

Why Do Vapers Choose It?

Unlike freebase nicotine, salt nicotine can be vaped at higher output levels without becoming harsh, and so it’s become the preferred form of nicotine among vapers who prioritize satisfying their nic cravings above other aspects of vaping – primarily, exhaling large, fluffy clouds (cloud-chasing). 

Salt nicotine was seen as a godsend by many vapers when it first hit the market. Until then, there was only freebase nicotine, and a lot of people who switched to vaping immediately after quitting cigarettes struggled to feel totally satisfied in terms of nicotine intake. Salt nic feels a lot more like smoking a cigarette in the sense that it both satisfies nicotine cravings instantly due to its higher rate of absorption and because it produces a stronger throat hit compared to freebase nic.

Simultaneously, due to nic salt’s high potency, it can be vaped at lower wattage levels. The lower the wattage level needs to be on a vaping device, the smaller it can be, as it can be outfitted with a more compact battery. Meaning people who vape nic salt can use smaller, more pocket-friendly devices, which makes it all the easier to travel with a vaping system.

What is Nic Salt Juice’s Nicotine Strength?

The majority of salt nic vape juice is 50mg (5%)—more than twice the max amount found on the freebase nic e-juice market. While almost all salt nic e-liquids are 50mg, including the e-liquid in disposable vapes, some products contain lower amounts, like 30mg (3%). Overall, Salt Nic vapes don’t offer the wide variety of strengths that Freebase Nic vapes do.

How to Pick the Right Device & Accessories for Salt Nic Juice

Now, let’s talk about what goes into a salt nic juice setup. In order to enjoy what salt-based nicotine has to offer, you need the right hardware, as certain devices and accessories can accommodate this type of nicotine, and others cannot. 

Basically, to enjoy salt nic vaping, aside from choosing to use disposable devices, you will need a pod system or a pod mod. For those who don’t know, pod systems are vaping setups that consist of a device and pod cartridge. The unit operates at an output range appropriate for salt-based nicotine, which is going to be lower than what you will find in box mod systems. The pod cartridge that comes with a pod system or pod mod utilizes a coil that’s configured to accommodate these lower output levels.

What are Salt Nic Vape Pods?

Given what we just said above, you can also find “closed pod systems.” These consist of a pod device and pre-filled pod cartridges that are disposable and replaceable – in other words, when the e-liquid inside runs out, you replace the pod. These are not as common as refillable pod kits but do exist for those who want a lower-maintenance vaping routine.

What are the Best Salt Nic Devices?

Presently, you can explore a host of disposable vape devices that arrive pre-filled with salt nic e-liquid and a pre-charged battery. The entire device is disposable and never needs to be maintained in any way other than the occasional recharging of the battery if it’s a larger device. 

Disposable vapes come in all kinds of flavors, and they’re getting more and more advanced these days while remaining pocket-friendly. Currently, you can find disposables that have adjustable output and airflow control, plus some that even have display screens. At the same time, very basic, nonadjustable, and maintenance-free disposables continue to be available and are quite popular among those who just want to enjoy salt nicotine without any effort whatsoever. Some recommendations include:

  • Sofi X9000 Disposable: The Sofi X9000 Disposable is a 9000-puff vape that comes in many tantalizing flavors. With a rechargeable 650mAh battery and a 1.0ohm coil, it provides the perfect combination of longevity and performance. It holds 18ml of e-liquid, with 50mg. Salt nic. It’s also aesthetically stunning.
  • Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Disposable: This disposable device from Lost Mary has some outstanding and unique flavors to choose from. It also boasts a puff count of 15000 and a rechargeable 650mAh battery. It remains pocket-friendly and user-friendly despite having a dual mesh coil design, dual power system (SMOOTH and TURBO modes), and display screen.
  • Flum Pebble 6000: A fan favorite, FLUM’s Pebble 6000 is a very compact, 6000-puff vape. Its pebble design gives it a visual and ergonomic edge. With countless dreamy flavors to pick from, it satisfies on all accounts, with a rechargeable battery and 14ml e-liquid.
  • FLONQ Max Smart 10000 Disposable: This disposable is a true technological achievement, with 10,000 puffs and 650mAh battery that can be recharged. It operates at 11W and even boasts an advanced coil. Meanwhile, it offers a large selection of yummy flavors.

What is Salt Nic Juice’s Future?

When it comes to salt nic juice, it’s safe to say that it’s more than a trend. By far, most people who come to vaping are looking for a way to get off cigarettes. Not only that but want to be able to keep their nicotine cravings satisfied. Salt nic does just this, and we really believe that the best salt nic vapes are yet to come. 

Let’s also keep in mind that as the market matures, we can expect to see more specialized devices and a broader selection of flavors and nicotine strengths, making salt nic juice an increasingly attractive option for both new and experienced vapers looking for an effective and enjoyable way to consume nicotine.

Is Salt Nic Better Than Regular Vape Juice?

Salt nic isn’t “better” than “regular” (freebase nic) vape juice per say. But, it can satisfy your nicotine cravings more effectively, hence it’s astounding popularity. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

Advantages of Salt Nic:

  • Smoother throat hit, allowing for higher nicotine strengths without the harshness typically associated with high nicotine levels in freebase e-liquids. 
  • Can deliver a nicotine experience closer to that of smoking a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals. 
  • Nicotine salts are also more stable, have a longer shelf life, and require lower wattage devices, which are often more portable and user-friendly for beginners.

Disadvantages of Salt Nic:

  • Tend to produce smaller clouds, which might not appeal to those who enjoy cloud chasing. 
  • The high nicotine content in nic salts can also alter the flavor of the e-liquid, potentially leading to a peppery taste.

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