510 Thread Battery

Naturally, you can’t vape without a battery, and 510 thread batteries are the most standard choice for devices to attach one’s atomizer (cartridge, tank, etc.). A 510 thread vape battery refers to any device that uses a 510 threaded connection so that the device and the atomizer can communicate during vaping. While the concept sounds simple enough, what does make things complicated is the massive selection of choices on the market, many of which are only compatible with one specific type of atomizer. 

What Exactly is a 510 thread Vape?

A 510 thread vape, as we said, is a device that employs a 510 threaded connection to which the atomizer attaches. Basically, any standard vape device other than a pod mod uses this connection, and atomizers like tanks and glass cartridges also use a 510 threaded connection for universal compatibility – with some exceptions, which we’ll get into later.

The actual “510 thread” component is the screw portion that allows one to screw a vape tank or 510 thread cartridge onto the device. What this does is create a direct line of communication between the actual battery inside of the device, and the heating element inside of the atomizer (the coil), which uses the battery’s power to heat up, at which point the e-liquid inside of the coil turns into a vapor that can be inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Types of 510 thread Vapes

There are, in fact, different kinds of 510 threaded devices out there, and the one you select will only be compatible with certain types of atomizers (tanks, pre-filled carts, etc.). Buying the wrong device for your atomizer, despite using the same 510 threaded connection, can cause many problems. For instance, a device that’s too powerful can instantly burn the vape oil inside of a cartridge, while using a large sub-ohm tank with a low-powered 510 threaded device can mean never reaching the ideal wattage to vaporize what’s inside the tank.

Let’s look at the types of 510 threaded vape devices out there.

Box Mods

Box mod devices are relatively large, box-like devices with a display screen and many adjustable settings, including adjustable wattage to control the output. These devices are compatible with sub-ohm vape tanks, generally large tanks that can hold several milliliters of e-liquids, along with RDAs (rebuildable atomizers).

Pen Mods

Pen mods are smaller cylindrical devices compatible with sub-ohm tanks and RDAs. Only they operate at lower output levels as they don’t have the space for two large, high-capacity batteries, like box mods. They also typically have fewer adjustable settings.

Dab Pens 

Finally, we have dab pens, only for dabbing concentrates like wax, etc. Dabbing requires a specific temperature range that flash-vaporizes the concentrate so it melts instantly. This means that dab pens are only compatible with atomizers made for dabbing.

Things to Know Before Buying a 510 threaded Battery

Now that we’ve covered the basic types of 510 threaded battery devices you can buy, let’s talk about the things you should always look for before making a purchase. This applies to all vape batteries regardless of whether you will use them with nicotine products.

Things to Know Before Buying a 510 threaded Battery


Just before, we went over the different kinds of 510 threaded devices and how each is compatible with a specific atomizer. Naturally, you’ll want to pay close attention to the compatibility factor when picking out a device, for reasons we explained earlier. The good news is that the product description of a 510 threaded battery will always clearly tell you what the vape device is made for, in terms of its compatible atomizer.


Pay attention to the output as well. Most of these devices operate according to wattage, with box mods reaching up to 200 watts or higher and smaller devices reaching lower levels. Make sure that the device you’re buying can reach the wattage you want.


Some devices don’t have adjustable output at all – this is more often the case with vape pens made for vape oils and some pen mods made for nicotine e-liquids meant to be more user-friendly. If you want to adjust output, ensure this is an option with the device you’re looking at.

Brand Reputation/Quality

Finally, always make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source. Check reviews, and read the specs of a product to ensure it’s high in quality in terms of construction, chipset, etc. Only buy from a highly respected brand to ensure that the product is reliable, durable, and safe.

When looking for the best 510 thread battery for cartridges, tanks, RDAs, or whatever atomizers you have in mind, your best bet is always to find a reputable vape shop (preferably online) that offers a large selection of devices for different needs and preferences, all made by the most trusted brands in the hardware industry. At Vape Juice Depot, you’re gonna find a wide selection of top-notch 510 threaded vape devices for your favorite e-liquids, vape oils, or concentrates.

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