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Amazing Flavor - runs out quickly though

I basically only use the blue raspberry ice nowadays. it has the best flavor. My issue is they do not last long and for the price should last much longer. its a love hate almost could of been besties relationship I have with my favorite vape.

All day vape

Omg i found my fav mango juice this taste just as good like the smell and the awesome service from vapejuicedepot the best website for your vaping needs

NKD ¹00 max G-BOX

This is the best by far

VooPoo MAAT Tank
Lori Baldwin
Glad I tried one, best one I've ever had

I really like the draw on this tank. I'm concerned about the top grinding and not holding up for as long as other tanks I've had, so I'm careful everytime I refill the tank. It is metal against metal and interlocks. Considering how much I like the tank I will continue to purchase this tank. I have had no leaks and the coils last twice as long as the Geekvape and Horizon tanks I have.

Poor taste

It's very bland and has a weird after taste,
I also tried the banana dragon berry from this brand which didn't have the after but was still bland af.

Great taste!

Candy King is one of the best tasting juices I’ve had. This particular flavor does actually taste just like Swedish fish.


I have owned many different vapes, and this is by far probably the best one that I’ve had. For only a third of the cost of most of them. The artwork is awesome.

Finest Cool Mint

Absolutely amazing! Great in combination with Finest Cool Mint and Finest Mango Berry.

Finest Cool Mint

Absolutely amazing! Great in combination with Finest Lychee Dragon and Finest Mango Berry.

Lychee Dragon Finest

Absolutely amazing! Great by itself and in combination with Finest Cool Mint and Finest Mango Berry.

Best orange flavor!

Always loved all of Reds juices, but the fusions are the best! the Iced orange yuzu tangerine is my favorite. the tangerine really comes through with a cool blast of menthol on the exhale. love it! and the price is right. will be ordering from VJD again.

Not what I expected

With a name like Pure Apple you'd think this was a straight apple flavor but it's not. There's no mention in the description that it's a blend of apple, strawberry and watermelon. It's not a bad a flavor just not what I expected.


Would be an easy 10/10 if only it had a little bit heavier/harder of a hit. The flavor is single-handedly the best on the market in my opinion, & I’ve tried nearly every single dispo brand out there. The next device they release, I hope will hit twice as hard as these ones do.

Juice is brand new! Needs to steep

I got a fresh batch of juice from vapejuicedepot, bottles were a little yellow/brown but after some time they changed to their normal color. ALL JUICE NEEDS TO STEEP PEOPLE!!!

The fact that you are getting new juice and not juice from 6 months ago means that you are getting good product that was just made recently.

Jewel Mint Ice Hyde Pod Juice TFN Salt 30ml

I usually get the regular mint juice but tried the mint ice, I love it. Cool and minty without being overwhelming.

The best

I lost my taste and smell from a. Head injury but I can tell the sweetness in this nic salt. I can tell if things are salty spicy citrus or sweet and I won't use anything but beard salt cinnamon funnel cake.

Great find

Couldn’t find this anywhere and then I found it here and it was a better price, thanks guys


This is a great price. I can get mine, my husband’s and our friends juice plus coils and I don’t have to leave my house. I appreciate this because I fear the outside world greatly, every time I think about leaving I have to pee.

BlackBerry lemonade

Vapetasia BlackBerry lemonade is my all time favorite vape juice. I just can't get enough of it.

Vape Coil

The vape coils are great and just what I wanted. A problem came up when USPS lost the shipment. I contacted VapeJuice and customer was very responsive. A replacement order was shipped to me immediately and I received it. What more can a person ask for great customer service! Thanks VapeJuice and I plan on using you for all my vaping needs.

Refilling problems

I have a very difficult time getting the mouthpiece off to refill. I still have some that I can't get removed,and somehow I finally got a couple off to fill after a long time of struggling. Not a fan, my nord is much more user friendly.

13th floor

Good price & one of my top 3 😎👍

I like it but it’s bulky

I like the flavor of this one but these are so bulky compared to the normal Elf bars. I bought another one of the same flavor just different Elf Bat but unfortunately it didn’t taste the same at all even those it was an Elf Bar and a lot smaller with a much better shape. I’ll include a picture so you can see what I mean. Maybe they’ll make these Lost Mary ones smaller at some point.

I luv this flavor

Boulder Rock Vape Pods

Love the Boulder Rock products. Wish Vape Juice Depot would keep them in stock.