Handy Tips for Vape Battery Safety Do's and Don'ts

Have you ever come up to vaping devices catching fire or exploding in your pocket or purse? You need to keep your eyes on the battery safety cuz it might seem they are the same as your cellphone’s.

Handy Tips for Vape Battery Safety

Vaping can be unsafe if you don’t know what batteries you are looking for and what quality they have cuz you may face the battery venting and it’s a dangerous precedent. Almost all related fire cases stand from mechanical devices that don’t have variable voltage protection.

Some devices with a built-in battery have a cutoff switch, if you don’t turn off your device and accidentally activate the firing button, it will most likely cut off about some seconds but the thing is that the device actually won’t turn off damaging the components of your product.

Another interesting case is when you are using 2 or more batteries while charging with USB it won't charge simultaneously so if one battery recharges faster than the other the charging is turned off. 

Extra careful when using devices operating on external batteries. It’s highly recommended to get an external charger, for example, NITECORE D4 Digicharger.

Make sure you watch the review and acknowledge what batteries to use and how to charge them smartly.

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