Vape Costs in the USA

Vapes have really evolved over the last decade, with more options to choose from than ever before. Still, with all those options comes the cost of buying that said device, be it a disposable or box mod/pod system setup. Not only that, but with inflation where it’s at, you might be wondering this: how much do vapes cost these days, and how does that compare to the costs of smoking? So, we’re going to take a comprehensive and analytical look at vape costs, and how much they can vary depending on several key variables.

Factors That Affect Vape Prices

Vape prices are going to depend on all kinds of factors, depending on the type of vaping device (disposables, pod systems, box mod systems, etc.), the brand, the materials used to make it, the features, the accessories, and more. Before we get into the most critical factors that go into pricing a vape product, keep in mind that this doesn’t even include the cost of e-liquids, as this varies depending on the brand, size, and quality of ingredients.

Understanding the Cost Components

First off, the components that are involved in the vape kit will matter. For instance, you might have a box mod crafted from high-end materials, with a large glass tank, a high-grade chipset, and extremely well-crafted coils, and that will naturally cost more than a small pod mod kit that’s made from cheaper plastic or alloy materials, with a tiny battery and very limited features. Ultimately, a company can charge whatever they want for a vaping system, but generally, there are ranges that reflect the type of device and how advanced it is, as well as its construction.

Breakdown of Expenses

So, how much are vapes? Let’s go over the main components you’ll find in any vape system, and also explain the variations in cost.

  • Mod: The mod can range in terms of type and size, from a disposable mod with an attached cartridge, to a pod mod that can vary a lot in its voltage and battery capacity, and then finally, a box mod device that uses a replaceable battery that’s not included, but features far more features, a more advanced chipset, and more durable and sturdy hardware. 
  • Tank/Cartridge: The tank or cartridge (for a box mod system or pod system, respectively), will vary in materials, with the former typically made from borosilicate glass and stainless steel, and the latter from the more affordable PCTG material. Tanks are naturally going to cost more than cartridges because of this, and this will be factored into the price of the overall vape kit.
  • Coil: Finally, pod systems come with coils, which may be integrated into the device (in the cartridge if you’re using a disposable vape or pod kit), or are applied separately but included (like in box mod systems). Again, the coil will contribute to the cost of the entire vape kit, as some coils are far more advanced than others in terms of material, size, and construction.
  • Impact of Brand Reputation

    Now,  the reputation of a brand will make an impact on the price as well. It’s true that sometimes, the elevated cost has to do with the company itself, as you’re paying for their prestige, and helping them with their bottom line for carrying such high-end gear. Certain companies are associated with higher-end devices than others, and some up-and-coming companies are going to charge less because they’re just starting to build their reputation among seasoned vaping consumers.

    Types of Vapes and Their Price Ranges

    Let’s take a look at the different types of vapes, and their average price ranges. This way, you can apply the info below the next time you go shopping for a new vape, to know what you should generally expect to end up paying.

    Disposable Vapes

    Disposable vapes are going to be the cheapest of all, despite coming with everything you need: the vape juice, the cartridge, the coil, and the device itself. Disposables are, of course, disposable, and are quite small with limited features. They contain a contained amount of vape juice, and the cost will usually reflect how much e-liquid is in them. Prices generally range from $10-20.

    Pod Systems

    Then, we have pod systems, which really vary in terms of size, features, and design. Simpler, more user-friendly, and lower-wattage pod systems will cost less than those with lots of adjustable features, a more substantial battery, and an ample-sized cartridge. Pod systems can typically cost between $20-40.

    Box Mods and Advanced Devices

    Finally, we have advanced box mod systems, and comparable systems like mech mod setups and squonk boxes. These will cost the most - $40 and up – due to being bigger, having more high-end materials, more advanced features, and more design elements that contribute to the overall price.

    Cost Comparison: Vaping vs. Smoking

    Good news everyone, regardless of the cost, the average vaping hobby will always cost less than smoking cigarettes, puff for puff. Take advanced disposable vapes that cost $20 while offering 8000+ puffs, which can last far more days than a pack of cigarettes, depending on how frequently you hit them. With box mod setups, the most frequent repeat purchase is e-liquid, which again, costs less per puff than the price of a pack of cigarettes. It’s hard to say how much the average vaper spends each month on their hobby, since there are way too many variables. What we can say is that you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who has paid more since switching from tobacco.

    Budgeting Tips for Vapers

    Now, if you’re a vaper on a budget, there are plenty of ways to save money. Surprisingly, the type of setup - disposable, pod system, or box mod system – will basically cost the same in the long run, with disposables costing just slightly more since you’re paying for the hardware each time you need to refill your setup.

    Ultimately, the key to budgeting is making a point to manage your hobby, as the biggest way to elevate costs each month is to chain-vape out of convenience. Because vaping can be done inside the home, unlike smoking, many of us find ourselves vaping way more than we actually need to, because it’s so easy to. So, maintaining the amount you vape in a more reasonable way can be the best way to save money.

    Maximizing Value for Money 

    It’s also important to consider the value. For instance, some companies may cost more for a product similar to another, but for no valid reason other than brand reputation, or superficial aesthetics. Make a point to consider the value of different products to see how much bang you’re really getting for your buck. Also, check different retailers, as some simply charge way more than others for the exact same vaping product, made by the same brand. Generally, buying online is more cost-effective, since you’re not paying for the overhead of a physical store.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that online stores are more likely to have promotions and sales on a regular basis, and this is a great opportunity to stock up on products at a discount, to last for quite a while.

    Finding Affordable Options 

    Finally, we always suggest finding brands that do offer affordable options, without cutting corners in terms of quality. Some brands just happen to make high-quality products but have maintained low prices as a major part of their reputation.

    Final Vape Cost Thoughts

    So, how much do vapes usually cost? That all depends, as you can see. The key is finding a company that sells affordable yet reliable products, and finding a retailer that makes a point to not overcharge. If you’re wondering how much is a vape, the answer is that who you buy from makes a huge difference. And, at Vape Juice Depot, you can find some of the most affordable prices around, while you’re able to explore many top brands throughout the industry. Our collection of disposables, pod systems, box mod systems, e-liquids, and accessories, is massive, and has something for everyone. Check out our online store today!

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