Quick and easy step-by-step guide to stop your SMOK NORD leak

The SMOK NORD is a fantastic open refillable pod system! But it has an incessant leaking issue. No matter what coils or e-liquid you use the result is always the same. It consistently leaks! This is not only an annoying and e-liquid wasteful problem but it can permanently render your NORD unusable. Eventually that leaking makes its way inside the device and damages the firing mechanism and circuitry.

This video offers two solutions to not only resolve this problem once and for all but also improves the look of the SMOK NORD. Follow these easy step by step instructions and never suffer from this common leaking problem again as well as running the risk of having the device break from all that wasted e-liquid.



Thanks. Use the O rubber from an old coil to stop the liquid seeping from the top also helps.


What if the juice went through at the bottom of the pod


What nord 2 coil is best for regular nic juice and what watts said they be used at?

Amysue Robinson

How can u stop a leak form a smok Ned 2 kit

Stephanie Rena Mccants

I have a vape it is called a smok. I’ve been looking for a juice like a grape ice soap base I’d had it years ago and I stopped for a whole year and they discontinue that fate juice and I’m trying to find it can you all help me please every juice I have tried is not doing me any good I just started back smoking Newports in the Green pack I can smoke a whole pack and a half

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