Alternativ Eliquid Line By Marina Vape

For those who are a fan of fruity e-juices, Marina Vape Alternativ e-liquids are the best fit for you.

Marina Vape Alternativ E-liquid line

Just the right amount of fruity flavor options made with Salt Nic will bring you back to summer vibes even in the middle of a cold winter. Playing with the Greek alphabet they came to the conclusion with ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, OMEGA, and IOTA natural flavors.

ALPHA comes with a mix of grapes, apples and with a slight undertone of menthol which is nice and subtle.

BETA is a juicy peach and sour apple's combination followed by a taste of menthol.

For watermelon and strawberries here we have DELTA. It is all you need for your summer vacation.

You will get the taste of tangy pineapple and sour strawberries if you try OMEGA lemonade fusion.

IOTA is the flawless mixture of one of the tastiest fruits of all time: peaches and mangoes! Followed by an icy mint, you will never get tired of vaping.

For exploring the cloud experience and for further information, make sure to check out this video.

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