Myle Mini The New Vape Disposable Device

MYLÉ brand has grown in popularity, the new MYLÉ Mini all-in-one disposable nicotine delivery system is compact, rechargeable, very simple to use and heats well.

Experience the Mini MYLÉ - your gateway to compact vaping with a wide range of MYLÉ Mini flavors.


Compared to MYLÉ MYLÉ Mini is a disposable device which benefit is that you never have to charge or fill them and you no longer need an on-off switch cuz there are no buttons. 

The current comes with pods that are not refillable. With a box in a box package, it offers 5 different newly released flavors.

The big advantage is the price point, it is cheaper compared to JUUL. Another fancy attribute is that the MYLE logo lights up at the bottom of the device attracting the attention of others while you are hitting.

With the review down below you can take a closer look at this amazing disposable pod and upgrade your pod-line, as well as quenching your nicotine urge.

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