Vape Tricks You Won’t Believe

Vape tricks are all about using the laws of physics to create awesome visuals with the vapor that you exhale after you vape. And, as the popularity of vaping continues to climb, more and more vape tricks are invented and give us something new to try. Let’s talk about the latest vape trick trends that will impress your friends and give you an enjoyable way to spend your time while vaping at home.


An Easy Guide to Vape Tricks

If you’re going to try some vape tricks, the first thing you need to know is that you probably want to go for a sub-ohm vaping system instead of a low-wattage vape pen. That’s because these tricks require an abundance of thick vapor to be executed properly, and only a sub-ohm system can guarantee that thanks to its high wattage level and low coil resistance level.

Overall, when teaching yourself a new vape trick, patience is key. It often takes many tries to get them right, and so you should practice them over and over again, knowing that it’s unlikely you’ll pull any of them off on the first (or second, or third) try.

Recommended Vape Kits for Performing Vape Tricks

In order to really master the art of a vape trick, you need to have the right hardware. In this instance, these three kits below each utilize some impressive technology for you to get your vape on.


VooPoo Argus GT 2 200W Kit



VooPoo Argus GT 2 200W Kit: It’s all about choosing a high wattage when doing a vape trick to take in thicker, more abundant vapor. And this vaping system has got it, with a maximum wattage of 200. Besides that, the included VooPoo MATT Tank and accompanying TPP coils are renowned for their ability to boost vapor production.



Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 Kit




Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 Kit: Also featuring a max wattage of 200, the Centaurus Q200 is a beast when it comes to vapor production, thanks in large part to the UB Max Pod Tank that uses the UB Max Coils to make your clouds fluffy and massive.



SMOK Mag-18 230W Kit




SMOK Mag-18 230W Kit: SMOKtech’s Mag-18 offers a whopping 230 max wattage, and the included TFV18 Tank is a legend as far as cloud-chasing is concerned (not to mention vape juice flavor), thanks largely to the TFV18 and TFV16 coils with which the tank is compatible.

3 Inspiring Vape Trick Ideas 

Now, let’s get to the fun part. With a little bit of practice, you can master any of these awesome tricks below.

Vape Trick 1: Bent O’s

This trick is a fresh take on smoke rings, in which you manipulate them with your hand. First, blow a typical smoke ring with your hand cupping one side of your face. Once the ring is in the air, gently caress the side of the ring, which will create a bent circle.

Vape Trick 2: The Bull Ring

This 2-person trick requires that you and a friend sit about 1 foot apart, facing each other. Blow a smoke ring directly toward your friend’s face, and once it gets close enough, have them inhale through their nose. For a moment, it will look like they have a bull ring – aka a septum ring – but this moment doesn’t last long, so take a picture!

Vape Trick 3: The Lasso

This one you might’ve seen on several different YouTube channels before. As we can say, it’s fun to make and doesn’t take that much time to really get the hang of. First, you will need to blow out a smoke ring, and once it’s in the air, then you gotta gently push it with your hand, which will make it bigger. Immediately, blow out another smoke ring to make it land inside the first one. It will move through the larger one to create a lasso effect.

These Vape Tricks are a Combination of the Right Hardware and Practice

You can master any vape trick with the right amount of patience and the ideal vaping setup, even if you’re using cheap vape juice. If you don’t already have a sub-ohm system to perform tricks like the ones above, visit a vape shop, eLiquid depot, or vape shop online, as they’re readily available.

Plus, once you’ve mastered these neat vape tricks above, there really is no reason why you can’t get creative and come up with your own. The basic smoke ring is a great launching pad for all kinds of new ideas. And, who knows – maybe your trick will end up on this blog one day.

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