Places Where You Can and Cannot Vape At

One of the best things about vaping is that it’s far more discreet and far less offensive than smoking cigarettes, which can mean a lot not only to you but the people around you. Vapor dissipates into the air in seconds, leaving behind basically no odor that can ruffle any feathers.

Because the vapor produced by vape juice is so discreet compared to smoking, many people mistakenly assume that you can vape anywhere – including places where cigarettes are banned. As it turns out, though, that’s simply not true. And ignoring the rules when it comes to where vaping is banned can leave you with a hefty fine depending on your location, so let’s talk about spaces where you can and cannot vape in 2023.

What Locations Can You Vape or Not Vape at?

Remember that this is just a general guide to where a person is and isn’t allowed to vape. Different states, municipalities, and even businesses may have different rules from the ones below, which is why at the end of the day, it never hurts to ask before you pull out your vape pen, no matter where you are in public.



Most bars in the country are legally required to ban smoking according to their state’s laws. But, as for vaping, that’s a little more complicated. There really aren’t any state laws banning vaping inside of a bar, and so it’s left up to the actual management of the establishment who makes the rules. This is a case where it’s best to ask an employee before you go in for a vaping session.


Once again, this is a case that’s left up to management because there are no state laws that actually ban vaping inside hotels or similar types of businesses (motels, bed & breakfasts, etc.). And, because you’re in the privacy of your room, it’s unlikely you’d get caught where you vape. Still, because some smoke alarms are sensitive enough to pick up vapor, please ask the establishment's manager before vaping in your room because you don’t want the fire alarm to go off because you didn’t know the rules.

Vape Shops

If you prefer to go to a local eLiquid depot instead of a vape shop online, you may have noticed people vaping inside. This is allowed, as again, it’s left up to the management whether or not people can vape inside the establishment. Many vape shops even have couches and chairs set up where people can take a break from their day and enjoy some social vaping.



You aren’t allowed to vape inside restaurants because both vaping and smoking are not permitted where food is being served. Many restaurants have outdoor patios, decks, and other types of terraces, and if smoking is allowed in these areas, then vaping is as well.


Vaping is strictly prohibited in any hospital, or otherwise clinical setting and the rules tend to be very strictly enforced for safety and health reasons. So, don’t even think about pulling out your cheap vape juice and vaping device here because you can get into a lot of trouble.


Vaping is totally banned in schools and on school property in general. In other words, you’re technically not allowed to vape even when you’re standing outside of the school. Besides that, many will agree that it’s simply inappropriate to vape around those who are underage, so wait until you’re off school property.

Airports and Airplanes

Airports and Airplanes

Vaping is completely banned in airports and on planes. It’s so strictly enforced that if you are caught vaping, you are likely to have to pay a very big fine and possibly face other major consequences beyond getting your vape confiscated. Airports have designated outdoor areas for smokers who are waiting to board, so take advantage of these areas before it’s time to get on the plane.

Movie Theatres

No, you can’t vape when you go to the movies. That doesn’t just mean inside of the actual theatre, but the entire establishment. You can, of course, step out if you want to enjoy a quick vaping session before the movie begins or during the movie, if you really feel like it.

Retail Stores

There’s no official rule that bans retail stores from allowing people to vape, so it’s definitely up to the management in this case. But that doesn’t mean you should assume you can vape and wait to be told not to. Easily most retail stores will not allow you to vape since other customers may find it rude. If you really need to vape while you’re out shopping, it’s best to step outside because even if it is technically allowed, you may make other customers or employees uncomfortable.



In most states, you cannot vape inside a workplace building. If you live in a state that does not forbid it, you’ll need to check with management to see if it’s okay to hit your vape. But, consider your co-workers, as not all of them might be comfortable with being around vapor while they work.

Outdoor Public Spaces

Technically, vapers are free to vape in outdoor public spaces like parks, beaches, and streets. But, follow some basic etiquette and avoid vaping if you’re in a very crowded area where the vaping will inevitably end up in everyone else’s space, and also avoid vaping next to children.

The Final Say: Where Is It Safe to Vape?

Of course, at the end of the day, the safest place to vape is your home, where no one makes the rules but you. As you can see, rules about where vaping is and isn’t allowed are tricky, but a surprising number of locations aren’t technically forbidden from allowing vapers to do their thing. So, stick to the rules, always ask before vaping, and be courteous to those around you, and you should be in the clear.

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