Vape Parts Unveiled: How Does a Vape Work?

Vaping technology hasn’t been around for all that long – about 15 years or so –, but in that relatively short period of time, it’s evolved like crazy thanks to high, fast-growing demand, paired with the innovations of some of the most brilliant minds in the tech world. If you’ve ever wondered, “how does a vape work,” we’re here to explain that to you today, based on the various modern types of vaping setups that have dominated the industry over the last year. As you will see, the inside of a vape is far more advanced than most people give it credit for.

What are the Parts of a Vape?

To appreciate how a vape actually works, we need to look at the individual vape parts that make up vaping devices. But first, we need to answer a simple question: what is a vape? A vape refers to any vaping system, whether it be a disposable vape pen, a pod mod system, or an advanced sub-ohm box mod system.  

How Do They Work?

Now, let’s break down each component that plays a role in the actual vaping process. Kee in mind though, these components can vary slightly depending on the type of vape (e.g., for e-liquid, dry herb, or concentrates) and its design or model.

The Mod

First up, we have the mod, which is the actual device component – that is, the component that has the battery, which can be built into the device (typical for pod systems and disposables) or bought separately and charged externally (typical for box mod systems). The mod can be extremely simple, using no buttons and having no adjustable functions, or it can be extremely advanced (which we see with box mods), containing a chipset that enables adjustable wattage and other output modes, a firing button, display screen technology, and more.  

The overall purpose of the mod, however, is the same. It houses the battery, like we said, along with the circuitry required to provide power to the metal coil inside the cartridge or tank. Also includes a port (often micro-USB or USB-C) for charging the battery.

The Tank/Cartridge

Then, of course, we have the tank or cartridge. This is the component of a vape that holds the e-liquid, as well as the coil, and it attaches to the mod, through a 510-threaded connection or through a magnetic connection, depending on the type of device (box mod or pod mod, respectively). This connection is critical, as it’s the way in which the coil inside of the tank or cartridge is able to receive power from the battery. Meanwhile, the tank or cartridge has a specific capacity of vape juice by milliliter – as low as 0.5mL, and as high as 6.5mL, depending on the size and type of device. These tanks/cartridges are refillable, and keep in mind that certain pod mods use cartridges with integrated coils – that is, coils that are built into the tank.

The Coil

Now, let’s focus more on the coil itself, as it plays an undeniably critical role in the vaping process. Without a coil, vaping is impossible, after all. The coil, like we said, is found in the tank or cartridge, at the base, so that it can sustain a connection with the battery. This way, when the device is fired, through draw or button activation, the battery communicates directly with the coil, telling the coil to heat up, enabling the vaporization process.

The coil is made of a metal – usually nickel-plated brass or copper (although other metal choices do exist). This serves as a conduit for the power of the battery, while heating enough to warm the e-liquid so that it converts into vapor. The coil has a wick inside of it, which is usually made from cotton. While the coil sits in the tank, it soaks up e-liquid. The heat of the coil vaporizers the e-liquid that’s soaked into the wick at any given time, allowing a stream of vapor to move through the airflow channel and out through the mouthpiece of the tank. 

The E-Liquid

Finally, we have the e-liquid, which, for pod systems and box mod systems, is sold separately, and manually poured into the tank or cartridge as needed. The e-liquid comes in a variety of flavors, milligram strengths of nicotine, and VG/PG ratios, to satisfy a wide array of vaping preferences.

What About Disposable Devices?

So, what is in a vape that’s disposable? Maybe surprisingly, a disposable device isn’t really different from the other vaping systems we talked about, which are more advanced. Yes, a disposable is an all-in-one vaping system, which has all of its components integrated inside so that you can’t take anything apart and maintain it yourself. But, it still consists of the battery portion, and the cartridge portion, fixed to one another permanently, with e-liquid and a coil inside of the cartridge. Keep in mind that some disposable devices are rechargeable, and others are not.

So, How Does Vaping Work?

Now we’ve covered the key components of a vape, and the role that they all play in offering a satisfying vaping experience. We’ve also explained the overall process of vaping, which is the same regardless of the type of vape you have. Basically, when you fire your device, the battery sends power to the coil, the coil heats up the e-liquid inside of its wick, and the vapor works its way through the mouthpiece to produce the perfect, tasty cloud.  

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