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No doubt, the Vaporesso XROS 4 is one of the most exciting and successful releases of 2024 as far as pod systems are concerned. It demonstrates the dominance of the XROS series that has been trickling out from the legendary hardware brand. As expected, it’s loaded with new and innovative upgrades and special features that make it stand out amongst its own product line, and we’re going to dive deep into it today with a detailed review.

Introduction to the Vaporesso XROS 4

For those who don’t know, the Vaporesso XROS 4 is the latest installment in the highly successful Vaporesso XROS line of pod systems. It was introduced alongside the more simplified and compact Vaporesso XROS 4 Mini. It’s a pod mod kit that includes the ‘device with a built-in battery,’ 2 refillable pods with integrated coils, and a charging cable.

Overview of Features and Specifications

XROS 4 is a slim and pocket-friendly pod system that uses a refillable 3ml pod cartridge with an integrated mesh coil (you’ll receive both a 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm pod). Powered by the brilliant AXON Chipset, this pod system uses 3 output modes and features a battery and e-liquid indicator system. Adjustable airflow enables the ability to switch between salt nic e-liquid and freebase nicotine while choosing between MTL and RDL vaping styles as needed. A firing button doubles as a wattage preset adjustment button, making the entire process of using this kit as streamlined as possible. It’s also a dual-mode device, which means that you can switch between draw-activated and button-activated firing modes.

Design and Build Quality

Constructed from aluminum alloy, this system is extremely durable and impervious to drops and falls. Its slim body makes it easy to fit into your pocket, while it’s very lightweight, making it easy to handle. Aesthetically, it boasts a streamlined, visually appealing design that adds to its overall appeal.

The actual pod carriage is constructed from PCTG material and even features a tapered mouthpiece for more flavor concentration. An airflow switch on the back of the device makes it easy to switch between different airflow styles. The pod attaches to the device magnetically.

Performance and User Experience

The XROS 4 features a rechargeable 1000mAh battery that’s built into the device and charges in under an hour through the type-C USB charge port. Overall, its performance is impressive, especially considering its size. It’s known to produce unbelievable flavor while reliably delivering thick and fluffy vapor, along with a solid and satisfying throat hit.

Vaporesso XROS 4: Pros and Cons

The Vaporesso XROS 4 is an overnight success story, as its release was one of the most highly anticipated of the year. That being said, let’s weigh its pros and cons. By now, enough people have gotten their hands on it for us to have a good idea of what it brings to the table and whether or not people have certain complaints.

Advantages of Using the Vaporesso XROS 4

First, let’s discuss the pros. The Vaporesso XROS 4 undeniably has loads of advantages, or else it wouldn’t be so incredibly popular right now in the ever-expanding and evolving pod system market. Let’s see what users love about it the most.

Reliable Battery Life

One major plus with the XROS 4 is its battery life, which stands out about the device. The battery lasts and lasts through many vaping sessions, with an above-average lifespan, which means that vapers spend far less time stopping their hobby in order to recharge. It gives vapers more confidence when they’re vaping out of the home without a charger nearby, and best of all, when you do need to recharge, it takes less than an hour.

Enhanced Flavor Delivery

Another big bonus is the flavor you get with this device. Vaporesso has come up with innovative ways to deliver some of the best flavors you’ll ever get from a pod mod system. Between the coil/wattage configurations, the use of mesh for the coils, and the reliable nature of the AXON Chipset, you can look forward to outstanding-tasting clouds all day long, even when your battery is running relatively low.

Limitations to Consider

Now, with any vaping system, you’re going to have some drawbacks as well. Let’s see what users would like to see improvement in should Vaporesso release an XROS 5 in the coming months.

Potential Leakage Issues

There’s always a potential for leaking, and some users have reported this with the XROS 4. Now, most leaks are caused by user error, like pulling too hard on the mouthpiece when they inhale. But still, many say that the cartridge is not 100% leakproof.

Limited Coil Options 

The XROS 4 uses integrated coil pods, meaning that the coil is built into the pod. And, you only get two options: 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm. Now, this makes sense as there isn’t a lot of diversity in the wattage, so you don’t need a huge selection of coils to choose from.

Considerate details bring comfort and delights

How to Use the Vaporesso XROS 4

Let’s discuss the actual process of using the XROS 4 for beginners so that they can get started right after taking the components out of the box.

Setting Up Your Device

First, you have to set up your device once you remove it from its packaging. Let’s walk you through this super simple process.

Charging the Battery

Find the USB-C port on the device's chassis and attach the battery charger to it. Allow the charger to reach a full charge, which will take less than an hour.

Filling the Pod

While you wait for the battery to charge, you can fill your 0.6ohm or 0.8ohm mesh pod with e-liquid. Locate the fill port and fill the pod with vape juice, letting it sit for 5 minutes to prime the coil.

Adjusting Settings and Vaping Modes

Now, let’s talk about how you can adjust your settings to get the vaping experience you want.

Wattage Adjustment 

The wattage adjustment button is the same as the firing button. To adjust through all 3 power modes, simply click the button three times quickly.

Airflow Control

The airflow control switch is located on the chassis. You can switch it to switch between MTL and RDL vaping.

Vaporesso XROS 4: Comparing Models

Let’s compare the XROS 4 to similar models belonging to the XROS series to see how it holds up to its predecessors and variants.

Exploring Variants and Upgrades

First, let’s compare the XROS 4 to the XROS 4 Mini, as the two came out at the same time. Naturally, the latter is a smaller device, and keep in mind that it’s missing some features. First off, the XROS 4 Mini is strictly a draw-activated device, as it has no button. Besides that, the XROS 4 Mini does not have an adjustable output, instead operating at a fixed wattage. Otherwise, both XROS vape models have the same battery capacity and use the exact same Vaporeso pod design.

Differences Between the XROS 4 and Previous Versions

Now, let’s compare the XROS 4 to the XROS 3 to see how Vaporesso has improved upon the lineup. The XROS 3 also uses an integrated 1000mAh battery and has 3 output modes. Besides that, the XROS 4 pod features a higher capacity of 3ml as opposed to 2ml.

XROS 4: Taking Your Pod-Based Vapes to Another Level

The Vaporesso XROS 4 is the latest and greatest XROS pod system to hit the market, and it’s super easy to use while offering plenty of customizability. This highly versatile and user-friendly pod system is designed to cater to both new and experienced vapers. And, with its robust build, advanced AXON chipset, adjustable airflow, and XROS series pod compatibility, it offers a customizable and satisfying vaping experience. Plus, its power, portability, and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice among vapers. So, if you’re seeking out a streamlined and user-friendly device that lets you find your sweet spot, you won’t be disappointed. Grab it today at Vape Juice Depot!

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