Pod Mesh Flo Disposable Vape 3500 Puffs

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Pod Mesh Flo Disposable Vape Device 3500 Puffs

Pod Mesh Flo Disposable Vape Device is an ultra-compact e-Cig. It introduces the buttonless firing system with a mesh heating element and adjustable airflow control ring for MTL vaping.

Pod Flo Mesh Coil device is powered by a 1000mAh battery, bearing a 9ml eLiquid capacity. Pod Mesh Flo is available in 24 flavors. Each disposable filled with 5.5% (55mg) synthetic nicotine salt serves a solid throat hit. So many upgraded features; the Pod Mesh Flo Disposable Vape Device provides you with a hassle-free and convenient vaping experience.

Blueberry Muffin - This blend is perfect for those who have always craved a sweet and delicious blueberry muffin but not the trouble of making it or the calories.

Berry Cotton Carnival - Freshly made cotton candy rich in berries has a distinctive aroma and incredible taste. Create a carnival mood by vaping this delicious flavor.

Berry Watermelon - Like a summer quencher, this fruity twist combines tangy and tart berries with juicy watermelon slices for an unbelievable vape experience.

Cookies & Cream - Crispy cookies embedded in fluffy soft cream will serve your dessert cravings and bring joy to your sweet tooth if you choose this flavor.

Cotton Carnival - This all-American favorite will be your next all-day vape that is super sweet and delicious. Hit cotton candy-infused vapors and smile like a child.

Churros - Churros introduces you to an exquisite combination of crunchy churros and cinnamon sugar. The perfect treat, Churros eLiquid, will leave your mouth watering for more.

Frozen Cola - Oh, this fresh cola will revitalize you and boost your mood for a productive and focused day ahead. Enjoy subtle notes of menthol in frozen cole.

Frozen Banana - Is there anybody who does not love mentholated bananas? This vape juice is very delicious and creamy, and it hits the throat with cool tropical vibes.

Frozen Blue Razz - This flavor is a sweet, tart, and refreshing blue raspberry vape infused with a chill of menthol for the perfect summer vape, which unlocks invigorating puffs that cool the tongue and refresh the senses.

Frozen Guava Berry - is a trio of flavors that features tropical guava, and refreshing ripe berry, accentuated by hints of tang and sweet in a chilly menthol finish.

Frozen Lush - As a classic burst of sweet and chilling mentholated watermelon, this super-cool lush-like vape juice is the frosty melon that quenches your cravings with a sweetly freezing rush.

Frozen Mango Strawberry - Whole fresh strawberries and ripe mangos from the tropics are blended with a hint of sweet menthol to create a refreshing and satisfying all-day vape.

Frozen Strawberry - This flavor is a sweet brew of ripe strawberries and menthol, creating a wave of fruity and icy flavor in your mouth. A unique blend for a unique taste.

Frozen Tropical Peach - is a freezing and refreshing tropical elixir of peaches and menthol rich in flavor and cool in sensation. It's sure to satisfy your fruity vape juice cravings!

Jewel Mint - This flavor delivers a wintery coolness to the refreshing taste of mint candy. A cool vape suited for every season is like no other and a must-have.

Lemon Sugar Cookie - Imagine biting into a warm, crispy, and uniquely flavorful cookie - Lemon Sugar Cookie eLiquid is the taste of satisfaction in vapor form. Try it for yourself today!

Marshmallow - Feel the soft texture of marshmallows landing on your taste buds and melting into your throat with each vapor. Sweet and smooth vape experience that you won't be able to resist.

Rain Berry Freeze - This premium flavor is a mixture of ripe plums, berries, and menthol. It contains tasty, fruity, and refreshing notes for ultimate satisfaction. Its taste is both sweet and tangy.

Strawberry Apple Watermelon - Mixed to create a refreshingly new taste and aroma, ripe strawberries, fresh crispy apples, and juicy watermelon is a heaven-like vape treatment.

Strawberry Ice Cream - Creamy strawberry ice cream with a touch of sugar blended in to make this one of the best vapes in its class. Vape and bring back all the warm summer days you enjoyed.

Strawberry Kiwi - Reset your mind by vaping Strawberry-Kiwi-infused vape juice and escape to a place where you feel young and energized.

Strawberry Sour Beltz - A sour Beltz of strawberries lands on your taste buds with a sour candy taste and strawberry aroma. One sip of this e-juice, and it's easy to see why.

Watermelon Chew - Chewy watermelon candies are here in the vape form to sweeten your day. A wonderfully vibrant mix that is sure to brighten your soul.

Jewel Tobacco - Open up a new vape experience with Jewel Tobacco flavor. It is a blend that introduces an earthy, nutty taste and aroma of freshly cured tobacco leaves.

Primary Flavor: Menthol, Peach, Banana, Berry, Raspberry, Mint, Watermelon, Pear, Lemonade, Cola, Guava, Grape, Strawberry, Lemon, Apple, Tangerine, Mango, Menthol, Tobacco

Pod Mesh Flo Disposable Device Features:

  • Type: Disposable Device
  • Integrated Battery: 1000mAh
  • eLiquid Capacity: 9ml
  • Synthetic Nicotine Strenght: 55mg (5.5%)
  • Draw-activated Firing Mechanism
  • Mesh Heating Element
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Puff Count: 3500 Puffs

*Dispose of the after life cycle.

Pod Juice presents its modern disposable vape devices prefilled with flavors from TWIST eLiquids.


CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm. Continue Reading

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sara Newton
Thank you!

Great flavor and lasts me a good amount of time

Angela Snell
Good flavor

Taste just like frozen cola

Francis K.
Best disposable

Best disposable


All the flavors I've tried are awesome, but damn the watermelon chew was way too sweet.


Very good, flavor and battery health are top.

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