Best Lost Mary Flavors You Need to Try

Lost Mary has become one of the best-selling disposable vapes of all time, thanks to their incredible flavor choices, along with their high-quality performance and eye-catching aesthetics. Made by the same makers as the equally iconic Elf Bar, Lost Mary has released their most enticing disposable vape yet: the Lost Mary OS5000 Cosmic Edition, which introduces us to a whole new selection of dreamy flavors to enjoy, along with some pretty spectacular features. In honor of the highly anticipated release of the Lost Mary OS5000, we’re going to check out the new Lost Mary flavors for this exceptional device while exploring its overall features as well.

What is the Most Popular Lost Mary Flavor?

Of course, to say that one particular flavor is the most popular is no easy feat. In reality, all of them have proven to be remarkably successful, thanks to their caliber of quality in terms of the ingredients and blending techniques – something the brand has long been known for.

It goes without saying that flavor is a highly subjective thing. Everyone has their own preferences. Rather than try to figure out which flavor is the best or the most popular of all Lost Mary flavors, let’s go over each one so that you can decide the one that you want to try.

Lost Mary OS5000 Cosmic Edition Review

Let’s talk a bit more in-depth about the Lost Mary OS5000 Cosmic Edition. This 7500-puff disposable vape comes in 6 tempting, all-new flavor choices and offers some of the most advanced features and striking visuals that we’ve seen on any disposable to date. Its distinctive pebbled texture gives it major aesthetic bonus points but also serves the purpose of making this an outstandingly ergonomic vaping device, which is comfortable and secure to grip all day long. It hosts a rechargeable battery so you can keep enjoying every last bit of vape juice, down to the last drop.

Various Flavors to Choose from

Of course, our primary focus today is the OS5000 Lost Mary flavors, and the brand has truly outdone itself in those. Let’s dive right into those, shall we?

  • Watermelon Kiwi Lemonade: This succulent blend of freshly cut watermelon chunks, tropical kiwi nectar, and zesty, sweet lemonade delivers a striking balance of flavor notes that complement one another impeccably.
  • Berry Cherry: A luscious combo of freshly picked, plump berries and perfectly ripe cherries, offering the perfect balance between sweetness and tartness.
  • Sour Berry BG: A dreamy variety of forest-fresh berries with a nice blend of sweet and tangy notes and a candy-like finish to give your sweet tooth a dose of pure satisfaction.
  • Blueberry Watermelon: Lush, juicy blueberries paired with crisp and smooth watermelon to offer an intensely refreshing e-juice flavor.
  • Banana Split: A flawless replica of the classic banana split, complete with rich and decadent ice cream and a creamy, sweet banana undertone.
  • Bright Red: The beautifully complex taste of freshly picked cherries fresh from the tree, with sweet and tart notes colliding into your palate at once.

Now, the thing is that these flavors already sound tempting, but you also have to remember that Lost Mary is highly regarded as one of the absolute best companies for realistic-tasting flavor profiles. So, you’ll get to enjoy these flavors on a whole new level, savoring only the finest ingredients and feeling like you’re indulging in real, perfectly ripe fruits with every puff of vapor that you take.

It’s also worth noting that this collection does not include any Lost Mary ice flavors, meaning that none of them contain menthol.

OS5000 Cosmic Edition Features

Let’s move on to the striking features that make the OS5000 Cosmic Edition such a unique and special disposable vaping system. As we said, this is easily one of the most advanced disposables we’ve ever encountered, and now, we want to break down the reasons why.

OS5000 Cosmic Edition Features

Next-Generation Mesh Coil

The coil design for the OS5000 Cosmic Edition is absolutely out of this world. It’s a highly advanced mesh coil, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, boasting the perfect mesh structure and airflow design to give you nothing but incredibly smooth draws and flavor that’s as impactful as it is clean-tasting. This coil really brings out the complexity of each flavor profile in a way that is going to revolutionize the disposables market. 

Of course, a high-quality mesh coil will also last longer, which means that you don’t need to worry about your coil burning out prematurely—an issue that we’ve seen with older models of disposable devices.

Nebular Radiance

What is Nebular Radiance, you ask? Well, look at the device and see for yourself! The chassis design features tiny sparkles that give the device a glimmering appearance in a way that’s genuinely striking. Rather than looking cheap, it simply adds to the overall “cosmic” aesthetic.

Meteoroid Texture

Also, the texture of the device is something we’ve never seen before. The brand calls it a “meteoroid texture”, thanks to the unique craters. As we said earlier, this doesn’t just add to the visual appeal of the device, but it serves as an ergonomic function. Your fingers fit comfortably in these craters so that handling the device is genuinely enjoyable. And, besides that, it helps you really secure your grip so that you’re less likely to drop your device - even though if you did, it really wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Rechargeable Disposable Pod

The device features a built-in 550mAh battery, which has a capacity high enough to deliver nice, big puffs of vapor and also lasts for a long time between each charging session. A type-C charge port on the chassis lets you charge anywhere you are and uses rapid-charging technology to really bring downtime to a minimum so you can get back to vaping quickly. 

Battery Indicator 

Finally, we want to talk about the clever battery indicator system, which goes above and beyond what’s standard. This device uses a 3-tiered color-coded system for battery life: Green 70%-100%, Blue 29%-69%, and Red < 29%. This makes it easier to time out when you’re going to charge the device and even have a feeling of how much time you have left before your battery actually dies. The battery indicator feature uses LED light technology so that it’s easy to check your battery life, thanks to how bright the light is.

OS5000 Cosmic Edition Parameters

Lost Mary Doesn’t Disappoint

Lost Mary is always dreaming up new ways to satisfy vapers with disposable technology, and we are absolutely enamored with the OS5000 Cosmic Edition for its looks, its features, and the brand-new Lost Mary OS5000 flavors that go above and beyond to satisfy our taste buds. If you’re interested in switching to a new disposable vape system, you really can’t go wrong with this beauty, which has it all, from premium flavoring ingredients to a super advanced mesh coil system. 

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