How to Spot a Fake Geek Bar

Geekbar has become victim to the same fate as so many vape companies over the years: the flooding of counterfeit products on the market mimicking Geekbar’s standout, sought-after designs. It’s easier than ever to encounter a fake Geek Bar nowadays, as knockoff companies have become more sophisticated over the years. In response to the increase in fake Geek Bar products, the legendary vape brand has launched a campaign in order to crack down on these illegitimate devices, giving inspiration to other vape brands dealing with the same problem.

Geekbar is Actively Involved in Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts

Geekbar is part of the iconic Geekvape brand, which was launched in 2015 in China. Geekbar (sometimes called “Geek Bar”) has found its niche in disposable vape technology, offering refreshingly affordable yet high-tech devices equipped with high puff counts, outstanding flavors, sleek aesthetics, and, in some cases, extremely innovative features that you just won’t find on your standard disposable.

Since 2015, Geek Bar’s parent company, GeekVape, has maintained an outstanding reputation in the vaping market thanks to its reliable, advanced hardware. With Geek Bar, they’ve proven to be every bit as successful, moving into a new submarket with equal success.

Since the earliest launches of Geek Bar products, the brand has been a major success. Their collection of disposable vapes has become some of the most sought-after around the world thanks to their performance, taste, and stunning visuals. Because of that, it’s no surprise that the brand has been heavily targeted by counterfeiters, with surprisingly good attempts at replicating devices like the Meloso Max, Digiflavor Lush 20K, and their flagship disposable, the B5000, in particular.

As a result of the rise in fake Geek Bar products, the brand has ambitiously launched an anti-counterfeiting campaign, collaborating with Chinese law enforcement in an effort to put an end to the trend, not just affecting the brand itself but the industry at large. As a result of these efforts, tens of thousands of Geekbar devices, packaging boxes, security codes, and hardware components have been located and seized, collectively worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This has led to legal action being taken against production facilities, warehouses, and trade companies carrying counterfeit Geekbar products in an effort to shut them down for good.

Genuine VS Counterfeits

In a statement made to the press, Gavin Zhang, vice president of the company, stated, “We hope that the entire industry will adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward these counterfeit e-cigarettes so that we can have a united front against these counterfeiters and drive them out of the industry.” Zhang also made a point to state that counterfeit vaping products have the potential to be dangerous, whether due to possible hardware malfunctions or harmful chemicals/compounds in the products and that those who illegally reproduce Geekbar products are criminals who do not ultimately value the safety or health of those buying them.

The brand owns the intellectual property rights for its own product designs, which means that counterfeits are considered patent infringement by law. At the same time, using the word “GEEK” to advertise vaping products is considered an infringement of trademark rights. Furthermore, the brand has made it clear that retailers who choose to carry counterfeit Geekbars risk being charged with assisting infringement.

How to Spot a Fake Geek Bar

Consumers can do their part, too. By refusing to purchase fake Geekbar products instead of choosing legitimate retailers to ensure authenticity, they can effectively put counterfeiters out of business. But that’s easier said than done when today’s counterfeits are so sophisticated that well-meaning consumers may not even be able to tell the difference, thus unknowingly purchasing counterfeits and contributing to the issue at hand.

Geek Bar Genuine VS Counterfeit

So, how can a consumer know that they’re buying a fake Geekbar? Here are our foolproof tips for avoiding fakes on the market.

Check the Sticker

Geekbar uses a verification system that can be found on the packaging. On your Geekbar box, you should find a hologram sticker featuring the letter G. This sticker is actually quite difficult to produce, so counterfeit Geekbars may display a low-quality hologram that’s blurry or difficult to read. In fact, some counterfeiters fail to put the sticker on the box at all.

Below the hologram “G” sticker, you’ll find a scratch-and-reveal sticker that’s just as valuable. Scratching the sticker reveals a verification code, which can then be entered into the Geekbar Product Verification Checker on their website to confirm its validity.

Look for Other Visual Clues

There are other ways to spot a fake by just looking at the packaging. Check the wording for misspellings or text that appears blurry due to a lower-quality printing process. Also, check the barcode, which should be very clear to read. 

Once you open the box, check the plastic sleeve that houses the device. It should be airtight, and the plastic should not feel cheap or like it could tear too easily.

Performance Rarely Lies

Now, if you have a reason to suspect that you have a fake Geekbar on your hands, we never recommend vaping it at all. This can be dangerous, as you never know what’s inside the e-liquid or whether or not the device was constructed in a way that keeps you safe. But we do want to point out that a fake Geekbar will likely have performance issues. The flavor can be off, the vapor production may be disappointing, or the device may make a strange noise when you pull on the mouthpiece. If your Geekbar is not performing in the way that it’s supposed to, we recommend ditching it completely.

In Closing

Essentially, there’s no room for fakes in the disposables market, and Geek Bar has taken action in a way that we hope inspires other companies. Avoiding fakes as a consumer largely comes down to knowing who you’re buying from. At Vape Juice Depot, you’ll find 100% authentic Geekbar devices because we get our inventory directly from the manufacturers themselves.

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