Flavored Vape Ban

Take Action - Send a Message urging your officials to VOTE NO on HR 2339!

HR 2339 (Pallone-NJ), which would, among other things, ban vapor products in flavors other than tobacco, is scheduled for a vote by the full House of Representatives on 
Thursday, February 27, 2020

NO to HR 2339!

This legislation is being supported by an army of Bloomberg-funded anti-harm reduction groups to the tune of $160,000,000.

At the same time, it is likely that a tax bill, HR 4742, which is attempting to enact tax parity between vapor products and combustible cigarettes, will also be taken up by the full House.

Please take a moment to send a message to your officials urging them to reject legislation, like HR 2339, that would severely limit access to low-risk, smoke-free products.
At the same time, several bills are active in Congress that would undermine FDA’s authority over new tobacco products. These bills propose to raise taxes, ban flavors, limit online sales, and one bill even goes as far as requiring vapor products to be approved for market only as medical drugs/devices.

CASAA is asking our members to take action by sending a message to your federal lawmakers urging them to reject this legislation and prevent a massive underground market from taking the place of our current legal, regulated marketplace. We will start delivering your messages one week from now to coincide with a lobby day organized by the Vapor Technology Association.

Use your voice to help our legislators understand by educating them about vape products and its advantages. It is very important to share your story with this unjustified flavored vape ban. Stand up for our rights and make your voice heard.

Take Action - Send a Message!



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Thank you very much for the information provided
I’m very impressed


Very interesting to read you
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Shelly kozaski

Stop this unconstitutional Ban. This ban will only Increase massive health issues by producing unregulated fake products. Next they will take away cigarettes and lighters ! Ridiculous !

Shaun Barnhart

Many people, like myself, are using vaping to help quit normal smoking. Vaping is FAR LESS dangerous and the flavored vapes (if bought here in the US) cause no harm at all. This is ridiculous that Congress wants to ban something they know absolutely NOTHING about or tax the crap out of it cause they are greedy.


Daniel Hernandez

This is so dumb why can’t we enjoy our vape products just cause a bunch of kids vaping that’s not our fault this is a invalidation of our rights please support this cause

Vesna Kadinski

Voting no to the restriction

Supporting current state


Please leave the Vape juice alone ? I’m 62 years old and use it to stop smoking cigarettes,I know the tobacco industry wants it ban because we use it to break the cigarette habit and it less money for them but com on aren’t you guys bigger than the tobacco industry?

vincent casale

Gentlemen and ladies, as a cigarette smoker for over 40 years, coughing and spitting up ugly tar in the morning was part of my life. I’ve been using vape products for 10 months now, and, can finally breathe again, no coughing in my sleep, no spitting up tar. I FEAR if vape products are taken off the market, I will no doubt find myself going back to those ugly, smelly, nasty, wear on my clothes, on my breath dirty cigarettes. Vape nicotine delivery system has saved my life. Please, until 100% positive that vape is worse than cigarettes, DO NOT deprive us of a more pleasant experience than cigarettes. Thank you for your consideration.


This law is stupid. Just make it a law to have to check ID if they are worried about “kids” getting their hands on it. Um they do this with Alcohol!!!

travis zeth

dont let big company’s put our heath at risk yes there may be some harm in vaping but only fools think its worse than smoking and all evidence points to it not being very bad for you. second did the war on drugs work no. please quit tiring to tell people of a free country that we cant do things we like

Courtney K Johnson

I am absolutely disgusted that once again my rights and freedoms as a United States citizen are being threatened once more. I smoked cigarettes for 15 years. I developed chronic bronchitis by the age of 28! I suffered from Plurisy and double pneumonia as well. A year ago I switched from cigarettes to Vuse Alto Mixed Berry which is currently banned! As an adult I have a right to vape whatever flavor I choose. Sonce switching I feel 100% better. I can now breathe. I no longer have chronic bronchitis nor am I hurting anyone else. I was extremely upset when my flavored pods were banned. If flavored juices are banned then millions of us vapers will go back to smoking which is great for tobacco companies but a guaranteed early death for us! Please do not let this happen. I will remember at election time who supported this terrible bill and who didn’t.


Please do not ban flavors.. vaping has gotten my mom, sister and husband to stop smoking. During the flavor ban recently my husband went back to smoking. I really do not want him to continue, we have a daughter and I do not want her around the smell. Thank you for taking my message into consideration.


Flavored juice got me off of cigarettes! My health has dramatically increased. Don’t let big tobacco win!

Cynthia Kiser

It is totally unfair to the adults that use the fruit flavors to ban the sale of them. That would be like banning the sale of liquor because minors are getting it. So maybe we should go to that extreme if this passes

Nancy MacLean

There has always been a reason to try to keep our youth away from things that are not good for them but banning these things has never worked, look at prohibition and the like, it only creates an underground market because if people want it someone is going to provide it. Doesnt it make more sense to spend tax dollars on education about the effects of tobacco products and keep the legitimate tax paying businesses in business rather than giving it to the underground non tax paying entities who will provide the products. You are taking money out of the hands of the legitimate business people and not doing anything to stop the problem, you would simply provide a bandage that will wear down and be useless, don’t ban the flavors, educate the public, we are not stupid please stop telling us we are

Tami Groover

I’m a 49 yr old woman’s who stopper smoking a year ago April 5 and turned to using the Juul and compatible pods. They make it very inconvenient to push no smoking but punish the ones who are of age who have a desire to quit all together. Please Ban the Underage and Not of Age. Concerned customer

Jeffrey Yentzer

I’m a cancer survivor and because of flavored vapes I could quit smoking in 2015 and have never been healthier now in 2020

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