Nicotine strengths: How to determine the nicotine level in vape juice?

What Is Nicotine?

A natural product of tobacco plant. It’s an addictive chemical compound found in tobacco. Named after the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum. It is toxic colorless
What is nicotine ?

has a yellow tone oily liquid that acts as a stimulant traveling between the brain and body. Worldwide there are over a billion people who are tobacco users, that’s been utilized in many different methods such as smocked, chewed or through nasal passage. Nicotine is also a compound extract called alkaloid that occurs naturally in a several different plants including food, like tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and auberges. Nicotine has a harmful chemical substance effect both psychologically and physically while also has a potential beneficial effect providing a sense of relaxation and calm. 

Example of products that contain nicotine: Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, some are required to be used with the help of a device such as vapes. Vapers use E-liquid which has a various level of nicotine, or without nicotine. Mostly sold with different ranges of strengths. Let’s dive deeper into it with more details.

Prefer Vaping Over Smoking?

It is important to understand the difference between vaping and smoking. Different products have different levels of nicotine, they are all addictive and can

Prefer vaping over smokingcause harm to your health. Studies conducted across the world and some researchers show that vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking. Although they both contain traces of nicotine, it has been proved that cigarette manufacturers add many chemicals to tobacco in order to make it more addictive, where the nicotine juice used in e-cigarettes and vape juice is virtually pure and has no additives.

The upside with vaping is that you can control the amount of nicotine you want to consume managing the strength level. Also, the lower temperatures at which the vapor is produced contain far fewer negative effects on the body. This includes a reduced production of tar, as well as fewer hazardous byproducts that are typical of smoking. Vaping has become popular and been treated as an alternative option to smoking. Let’s not forget it is more discreet and convenient as well.

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength?

Depending on the manufacturer commercial E-liquid, or E-juice are available in a various strength to help manage individual’s nicotine cravings as desired. They are marked on the bottle in mg/ml (stands for milligram per milliliter) and sometimes

The right nicotine Strengthindicated as a percentage (such as 1.2% is 12 mg/ml). Choosing the right nicotine strength is significant and a necessary decision to make for the reasons of coughing excessively, allowing a good throat hit or wondering why is the nicotine strength not satisfying enough.

Please note that, every E-liquid or E-juice contains a certain percentage of nicotine and a high percentage of PG/VG and food graded flavorings, that are vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer. Picking a stronger E-liquid means more nicotine consumed to the body and more pronounced throat hit.

Whether you are a social smoker, regular smoker or even a chain smoker, different strengths of nicotine available that are suitable for you. To help you find the right E-liquid nicotine strength, and for those who doesn’t want the nicotine or, want to quit smoking zero nicotine is also a great starting point. Having said that, don’t be hesitant to try different nicotine strength as long as you feel satisfied based on your personal preference. 

Evaluation Of MG/ML & Percentage

We have stablished that commercial E-liquids or E-juice nicotine strength on the bottles are sometimes expressed as percentages and other times as ml/mg.

Evaluation Of MG/ML 
This often can be confusing to some people, don’t be. All you have to do is divide the mg/ml number by 10, and if it was marked as a percentage just multiply it by 10.

Here are a few examples on how to calculate, explaining in the simplest way possible providing you with knowledgeable and clearer information.




A guideline that will point you in the right direction.

  • 0mg = 0% No nicotine.
  • 3mg = 0.3% Social smoker.
  • 6mg = 0.6% Very mild.
  • 12mg = 1.2% Mild.
  • 18mg = 1.8% Strong.
  • 24mg = 2.4% Heavy smokers.

We recommend for those of you who are new to vaping or wants to switch from smoking cigarettes, to start with a lower strength for satisfying adjustment to vaping. Keep in mind the lower the percentage or ml/mg is, means less nicotine contained in the E-liquid or E-juice.

What Is Vapor Production?

We are all aware that vaping devices offer a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of vape device you are using, you have the ability to adjust

What is vapor production ?the amount of clouds produced. You can also easily adjust the performance of the juice. This option will not apply to e-cigarettes due to its functionality is very limited compared to other high-performance devices.


  • High Vapor: Up to 10mg/ml - individuals who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day, or doesn’t smoke, produces cig a like clouds.
  • Medium Vapor: 20-30mg/ml - individuals who smoke 1 pack daily, produces medium size clouds.
  • Low Vapor:30-60mg/ml - individuals who smoke more than 2 packs daily, produces massive amount of clouds.


Regardless of how much nicotine is sufficient for you, now that you know what nicotine is, you have the capability to easily access it and experiment nicotine levels of e-liquid and e-cigarettes until you are pleased.

Whether if you want to quit smoking or, if you are tired of the unpleasant smell of tobacco sticks and are looking for a healthier alternative to get your “nicotine fix”, vaping is certainly an option you can consider.

Now that you understand the calculation of ml/mg and percentage, we have confidence in your ability to achieve picking the nicotine strength level that is right and suitable to you, to satisfy your cravings while enjoying a smooth throat hit vaping experience.

Here at Vape Juice Depot we make every effort to offer information that are helpful to your decision-making process.

Warning vaping products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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