An electronic cigarette, but still feels like you’re smoking?

If you are a cigarette smoker and not too fond of e-cigarettes, then you will definitely like the smoky taste of the new IQOS.

Big Tobacco comes up with a new alternative to traditional smoking, known as IQOS 3 smokeless cigarette device. Designed by Philip Morris International, this device was recently approved by the FDA and claims to be a less harmful and safer way of consuming nicotine.

The new third version of IQOS is based on a heating system that uses tobacco instead of e-juice. It works by heating tobacco compared to regular cigarettes that burn when used. You can still see the nicotine getting released in a vapor form.

Using this device will make you feel like you’re actually smoking cigarettes but with no smoke. So those who are used to vaping and to different flavors won’t have a nice experience with the HEETS sticks.

Actually, there’s a similar concept in China called V Stick that is filled with e-liquid and can be in competition with IQOS that you can have a look at the end of the video.

Let’s take a closer look at how IQOS 3 looks like works and tastes!

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