If you're using the SMOK TFV16, here’s definitely 7 tips to follow to have a much better experience and boost the longevity of your device.

7 Must Know Tips

The new device produces dense plums of vapor and brings for sure an incredible flavor delivery. Unlike the old versions, the SMOK TFV16 produces zero spitback and doesn’t depend on what voltage you use.

Which is better TFV16 or TFV18?

The TFV16 will bring you a fantastic vaping experience with the super large eJuice capacity, which is half-filled with 5ml, and it can provide extended space for all kinds of coil building materials. The new TFV18 is a bit smaller than the TFV16 in size & tank capacity.

Applying these tips you will never have leaking issues, you will learn how to deal with heavy things like this device. The 3rd tip is worth to have a look at as you will learn how to properly install the mesh coil in a tank with some help of AQUA eLiquids.

How long do TFV16 coils last?

Have you ever wondered that not all coils are created equally? Then watch the 4th tip. The 0.17ohm mesh coils last around 3-4 days. The 0.12ohm Dual Mesh is much better and will last around a week or more.

Almost everyone will like to keep their device as long as possible so make sure to watch the next 2 tips. Using eLiquid with nicotine? Go to the 7th tip.

Last but not least, check the battle between the single and dual mesh.

Why is Smok TFV16 leaking?

Have you been using your coil for an extended period? If so, it may be the time to replace it. The internal seals may have become loose or deteriorated, causing the tank to leak. Take the tank apart, clean, dry, and put it back together. Also, when filling, close off the airflow.

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