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One of the best vape experiences that you can have is one in which you’re performing cool vape tricks, whether for your buddies or in the comfort of your own home. With the high-wattage box mods widely available, you can enjoy enough power behind each hit that you can do fun and exciting tricks as you blow out those clouds of vapor.

How to Do Vape Tricks?

Vape smoke tricks require the right hardware to produce enough vapor with each hit. The higher the output level of your device, the bigger and fuller the vape clouds. This is why only a box mod can give you the best vape experiences with vape tricks.How to Do Vape TricksYou’ll also need a sub-ohm vape tank and sub-ohm coils, which are compatible with the box mod itself. Also, you will need an e-liquid that has a higher VG to PG ratio, meaning that it contains more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol, as the thicker consistency of this type of e-liquid creates thicker and fluffier clouds.

Master Some Vaping Tricks

Vaping tricks vary in terms of difficulty, but no matter how complicated as they may seem, practice makes perfect. It is best to start off with some simple ones that you can focus on and completely master. Remember that you need to be patient as you will need to practice repeatedly until you get them right and can perform them consistently.

More Extravagant Vape Tricks

As you begin to master the more basic vape tricks, you can graduate to more extravagant ones. Serious vapors are always coming up with new tricks for their vape clouds, and you can find these tricks on YouTube and practice them until you’ve mastered them yourself.

Blowing Vape Clouds

The tricks below involve blowing out your vape clouds in specific ways that create a very cool visual effect. Each one is unique, and you can try to master all four if you’re feeling particularly ambitious.Blowing Vape Clouds

The Dragon

The dragon is a great place to start as it is one of the easier vape tricks out there. The name comes from the way in which this trick looks similar to a dragon blowing out smoke which comes out of the mouth as well as both nostrils.

First, you will need to pull a lot of vapor into your mouth and make a point to not inhale at any time. Once you have a lot of vapor in your mouth, forcefully push the vapor out through your nose and the outer corners of your mouth at the same time, by keeping the centers of your lips closed while the sides are open. It can take some practice to get the vapor out of both the mouth and nose at the same time, but just remember that pushing the vapor with force will get you there eventually.

Liquid Mist

Liquid mist is yet another easy vape trick that looks harder than it really is and is certain to impress your friends. For this trick, you will need to have a glass of cold water, with at least two inches of space at the top.  

Take in a good amount of vapor and inhale. Make sure the glass is on a surface a couple of inches in front of you. When you’re ready to exhale, position your lips against the rim of the glass, and exhale slowly, concentrating your vapor directly into the water. The vapor will stay on top of the water, and if you want it to stay for more than a couple seconds, try not to move the glass.

How do you do Tornado vape trick?

The tornado is one of the most effortless vape tricks there is, and also one of the most exciting to watch, as well as perform. For this trick, you’ll need an empty glass.

Take in as big of a hit as you possibly can, and when you’re ready to exhale, release the vapor directly into the glass, trying to avoid any seeping out by using your face to block any gaps. Now, gently but quickly tip the glass over onto a flat surface. The vapor should swirl around at the surface for a moment before dissipating into the air.

How to JellyFish?

We have saved the most difficult trick for last. The jellyfish is a more impressive smoke ring effect that will make you look like magician. To perform it, you’ll first need to be able to blow smoke rings. Bring a good deal of vapor into your mouth and press your tongue against the bottom of your mouth. Make an “O” shape with your mouth and just your jaw forward repeatedly to push the vapor out to create a ring. This takes a good deal of practice, so be patient.

Once you’ve mastered smoke rings, it is time for the jellyfish. When you exhale a particularly thick and large smoke ring, use your hand to push it out in front of you. The ring will retain its shape and move directly forward through the air.

Customize Your Vaping Juice

There are some ways to customize your vaping juice to enhance your ability to do vape tricks. Like we said, a high VG to PG ratio is ideal, and the more VG, the better. Secondly, lower nicotine levels tend to yield better results, so opt for a 6mg strength or lower. 

Maintain Your Kit and Juices

To continue to perform these vaping tricks, you will need to maintain your vape kit and juices. Always make sure that your battery is freshly charged, your coils are relatively new, and your e-liquid level is high in your tank.Maintain Your Kit and JuicesAs for the vape juice itself, use fresh e-liquid that has not yet expired, as it will have a better consistency for doing various vape tricks. Also, clean your kit regularly by taking apart its components and rubbing each one with an alcohol solution, so it can operate efficiently for a long time to come.

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