Jewel Mint Pod Juice TFN Salt 65mg

Strength: 65mg
Select: 30ml
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Rick Baker

I am so happy to be able to get a good mint flavor for my vaping. I’m using the vape to quit smoking cigarettes and it helps to enjoy your vape experience!

Juhn S.
No compromises

It delivers minty perfection at 65mg, leaving me wanting more!

Megan M.
A Minty Powerhouse at 65mg!

Let me tell you about this Jewel Mint Pod Juice, and oh boy, it's a minty powerhouse! With a nicotine strength of 65mg, it delivers a satisfying hit that hits the spot. The taste is pure minty goodness, refreshing and invigorating. I love how it leaves a cool sensation in my mouth. It's a winner in my book, no doubt about it!

Michael R.
Minty Freshness with a Cooling Kick!

Jewel Mint Pod Juice TFN Salt is undeniably minty. The aftertaste is so fresh and satisfying. And you know what's cool? When I shoot it through my nose, it leaves a refreshing cooling effect. This brand has got it right, and I couldn't be happier. It's a winner in my vape collection.

Avery Nelson
Pure minty magic!

Jewel Mint Pod Juice TFN Salt is perfect for my flavor experiments. Adding a bit of menthol to other flavors? It's a match made in heaven! Plus, this sweet and gentle mint flavor stands strong on its own. It's like a versatile partner that elevates all my little flavor adventures. Pure minty magic!

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