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Pink Lemonade V4 Pods By MYLE Vapor | SaltNic

Look no further than this nicotine salt infused pink lemonade available in MYLE  Disposable Pod that will provide you delightful and unforgettable vape experience.  MYLE Pods V4 Pink Lemonade's each inhale arrives with a soft but fizzy texture of pink lemonade combining notes of sweet candies and berries you love. As you begin to exhale, this flavor coats the palate in bubbles which you like to savor and tickle taste buds with a delicious sweet and sour taste. You can check myle vape reviews and you'll see that everybody loves this amazing Pink Lemonade flavor by MYLE!

MYLE Disposable Pink Lemonade Pod Features:

  • A Pack of four (4) MYLE Disposable Magnetic Pods
  • Flavor: Pink Lemonade
  • Each MYLE V.4 pod should deliver around 240 puffs before it needs to change
  • Each MYLE V.4 pod contains 0.9ml of pre-filled eLiquid
  • 2% or 5% nicotine by weight (20mg or 50mg nicotine)

The MYLE is mainly used by people who are new to vaping, so they are likely to have been used to smoking actual tobacco more recently, so this flavor makes them feel more at home.

A real alternative to cigarettes. Natural nicotine salts rather than free-base nicotine formula creates uniquely satisfying flavor profiles.

With MYLE, you can always switch flavors according to the time of day or how you're feeling! 

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Compatible Device: MYLE V.4 Nicotine Delivery Device

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Amazing flavor, I vape all day.

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