No. 32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake Beard Salts 30ml

Size: 30ml
Strength: 30mg
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Pretty good

I would give this juice an 8/10. I like the sweetness it leaves on your tongue but it's a little to harsh on thr cinnamon for me and I usually like cinnamon flavored water things. That being said I think this juice would be perfect if mixed with a more subtle vanilla/custard flavor to help tone down the vanilla. My go to flavor for years was cookie butter by propaganda and after their juice started tasting like crap I had to search for a new favorite. I wouldn't say this flavor is As good as cookie butter used to be but it's close enough to where I could see myself using it as a daily juice.

Somewhat Bizarre

It's not as sweet as the name would suggest. Imagine sucking air through a cinnamon stick. The fact that's it's not overly sweet is probably a plus for some people, but personally I'd prefer if they had just, you know, gone for it. I don't always want something dessert-like but in this case I think it would work better if it were more confectionary.

Jessica Greene
The best

I lost my taste and smell from a. Head injury but I can tell the sweetness in this nic salt. I can tell if things are salty spicy citrus or sweet and I won't use anything but beard salt cinnamon funnel cake.

Nathan T.
It's OK

It's OK really good at first but after awhile it really wrecked my throat but it's defiantly something I buy again but switch between juices cause after a few days this stuff irritates my throat bad and flavor seems to burn out for me after a few days.

Jessica G.

It's now my new favorite after auqua salts went away for a few months. Even now they are back I still choose cinnamon funnel cake over rainbow drops.

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