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Pyro Tech 6000 Disposable Vape

Pyro Tech 6000 Disposable is one of the latest and most advanced releases by Pyro Vapor. This contemporary disposable features an integrated powerful 2000mAh, which is non-rechargeable. Additionally, it is capable to handle your charge-free vape sessions. So, it will let you enjoy about 6000 jaw-dropping delicious puffs.

Furthermore, Pyro Tech Disposable carries 13ml tobacco-free nicotine salt eLiquid of 5% nicotine concentration. So, operated via an auto-draw feature, this e-cig utilizes a Corex mesh coil. As a result, you can experience a stronger flavor boost for the most flavourful vapor. In addition, you can enjoy solid throat hits.

Finally, Pyro Tech 6000 disposable is available in 25 flavor combinations to choose from. So hurry up to find your way.

Flavor Profiles

Cool Mint - Clean cool mint will hit your throat with an intense vapor flow. So, grab it now.

Red Apple - A crispy fruitiness of red apple flavor will take you to the apple orchard.

Strawberry Kiwi - A fruity escape combining tangy-sweet strawberries and kiwis is sure to please. So, get it now.

Strawberry Mango - Vape formula of ripe strawberries and mango will immediately fix your sweet cravings.

American Tobacco - Embrace the purity and simplicity of American Tobacco with each inhale and exhale.

Apple Strawberry Watermelon - Like an all-day vape, this flavor blends notes of crispy apple, ripe strawberry, and juicy watermelon.

Banana Melon - Mixed with banana creaminess, the refreshing melon will feed your taste buds with a pleasureful delight.

Cherry Raspberry Strawberry - A pleasant taste of carries, raspberries, and strawberries will glaze your palate as you pull.

Clear - If you are an enthusiast of purity and crisp clean vapors, this flavor is for you.

Coconut Mint - A unique concoction of milky coconut with cooling mint makes a special vape.

Flavorless - Mix and make your DIY flavor, or enjoy it as it is. A special edition for you.

Fresh Menthol - If you crave menthol chill, it's the perfect addition to indulge in and stay all day long.

Grape Mangosteen - Feel that well-balanced notes of sour purple grapes and sweet mango cuts with each puff.

Green Apple Rainbow Blast - Multiple fruits mixed with green crisp apples make a delightful vape experience.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava - Enjoy the splendor of tropical fruits every time you inhale and exhale.

Flavor Profiles

Mint Madness - Go mad by blending it with other flavors, or enjoy its cool and refreshing taste on its own.

Pineapple Apple Pear - A beautiful flavor mixture made by blending pineapple, apples, and pears. So, get this now.

Pineapple Orange - A bright orange juiciness mixed with creamy pineapple makes a perfect vape to try.

Pop Soda - Grab and indulge in the timeless pleasure of a beloved carbonated and sweet beverage.

Quad Apple - A captivating flavor that artfully combines a variety of apples to settle your cravings.

Smooth Mint - A blend that unites mint and spearmint for a cool and refreshing vape experience.

Strawberry Passionfruit Apple - A delectable trio of notes of strawberries, passionfruits, and apples.

Watermelon Bear Candy - Your favorite childhood bear shape candies are back now with watermelon hints.

Watermelon Lush Ice - Menthol-enhanced watermelon juice will quench your thirst as soon as you hit the vapor.

Watermelon Mint - A classic flavor that contains undertones of sweet mint leaves and juicy watermelon slices.

Primary FlavorMangoMenthol, Mint, Mango, Candy, Grape, Blueberry, Raspberry, Banana, Strawberry, Lemonade, Guava, Kiwi, Apple, Tobacco, Passionfruit, Cherry, Watermelon, Melon

Pyro Disposable Features and Specs:
  • Type: Disposable e-Cig
  • Non-Rechargeable Integrated Battery: 2000mAh
  • Prefilled eLiquid Capacity: 13ml
  • Puff Count: 6000 Puffs
  • Corex Mesh Coil
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg (5% Nicotine Concentration)
  • Tobacco-Free Nicotine
  • Available in 25 flavors

*Dispose after the life cycle.

Pyro Vapor is one of the best vape brands globally. The brand designs and offers new battery technology in its disposables, which is undeniably impressive.


CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm. Continue Reading

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Customer Reviews

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Red Apple

If you like the apple taste, this one is the best! Not the green sour apple taste, it is what it says!

Plus NO CHARGING! I was skeptical at first. I didn’t want the company to decide when it’s done. It hasn’t lost power and I’m almost at 6000 puffs, I didn’t count but I’ve used it everyday for a week and it still hasn’t slowed down.

I can’t wait to try the other ones!

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