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Lauren H
My Go-To Vape supplier

VJD has so many options of anything you could possibly need related to your vape experience. No matter what I need, they always have it…even things like juices that I can’t seem to track down in local stores. Also way cheaper to order all of it here than to walk into a vape shop or smoke store. The ordering process is easy and straightforward and anything I order is at my doorstep in a reasonable amount of time and I also receive shipping updates when my packages are on the way. Overall it’s a great site that I trust, like the prices and know I can find what I need.

Brittany R.
Great device

This is a sturdy device and good battery.

A Lil quirky

My OG Nord finally crapped out and I upgraded to the Nord X. While I'm overall happy with the device I am a little fuzzy on some minute details.

Let me start off by saying I exclusively vape Nic Salts which the OG Nord handled perfectly. However, when I received my Nord X starter kit I was a bit taken aback to see the two pods provided were both above the 1.0 oHm recommended threshold for vaping salts. So while I understand I can purchase other coils I was wondering if I can offset this issue by vaping at an even lower wattage than recommended by each coil. Was thinking maybe it would even prolong the longevity of the coils. Any recommendations?

Some tiny quirks I have with the X is you can't really view the puff timer or the voltage being that they both clear the screen almost immediately after releasing the fire button. Also, for some reason they did away with the ability to reset the puff counter.

The last little tidbit I noticed was the literature provided with the device seems to possibly have directly copy pasta'd from maybe the Nord 2. Under the Operation Guide Step 3 states: "Wattage Setting: Quickly press the Power Button 3 times to set the wattage. Click or long press the Power Button to switch the power level within 5W-60W." Which is incorrect, quick pressing 3x _power locks_ the device. Which locks all of the buttons. So I guess my question is what is the difference between _locking_ the device and a complete shutdown?

Brianna P.

Perfect for a mom of a 4 year old boy, water resistant and durable

Great one

this one is the legend among all the pod type vape devices. it's not harsh, easy to hold, nice pull.

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