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Natalie Mesplay
The Tank

Love this tank. The top fill tank is super easy a 1/4 twist and fill straight from all size bottles. My favorite feature is the extra juice it holds we can’t see so no dry hits. Also comes with 510 connector for some of my other tanks. Ya won’t regret this purchase

Lori Baldwin
Glad I tried one, best one I've ever had

I really like the draw on this tank. I'm concerned about the top grinding and not holding up for as long as other tanks I've had, so I'm careful everytime I refill the tank. It is metal against metal and interlocks. Considering how much I like the tank I will continue to purchase this tank. I have had no leaks and the coils last twice as long as the Geekvape and Horizon tanks I have.

AL Arsenault
One of the best on the market

This tank is a breath of fresh air after the last tank I owned. Ease of use and a very smooth experience.

Filling: this tank is so easy to fill, the top pops off and you’re able to insert the the e juice bottle tip right into the tank. It has a silicone ring that is fitted to the top that will reduce leaking if tipped upside down but I would recommend leaving it right side up.

Changing coils: very easy to change coils, plug and play, just pop it in and there she will stay.

Vaping: I find this tank with these coils to
be very smooth, I use the 0.4 coil and a Vaporesso Gen 200 mostly on 25 watts and this produces good flavor and a decent cloud. You don’t have to pull super hard and it’s just overall very smooth.

Quality: this thing is a tank (no pun intended) the build quality is very good, it has good weight and feels very solid. It comes with a 5 mill glass and a 6.5 mill glass and they feel standard.

Overall you’ll be happy with this tank with its ease of use, the smoothness of the vape and the quality of the build.

Just received my new tank.

Just received my new tank. And it performs better than I expected it to.

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